10 cuts and hairstyles for long hair that thin

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10 cuts and hairstyles for long hair that thin

Tying your hair to lengthen your face

This is one of people's favorite techniques to refine their features without surgery. To lengthen the face visually, simply tie them into a high ponytail or a half-tail. Be careful not to flatten the hair too much, opt instead to a rough finish leaving a few lashes to escape.

Long hair yes, but degraded

Do you have nice lengths and round cheeks? Avoid leaving your hair loose and flat. Too strict material on each side of the face enhances roundness. Bet on a gradient that brings movement and volume.

Asymmetrical hairstyles for slimming

The "one-shoulder" hairstyle that we see a lot on red carpets right now is perfect to refine the face. The hair is gathered on one side - a braid or a few pliers hold them - while the other side is plated. Feel free to waving a few strands on the front of the face, to discreetly hide the round cheeks.

The cuts and hairstyles to avoid

Some looks tend to highlight the oval of the face. Stay away from all too strict hairstyles, smooth and tacky. Also forget about the low fasteners, which bring out the cheeks and chin. Finally, avoid the line in the middle.

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