10 cuts and hairstyles for short hair that thin

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10 cuts and hairstyles for short hair that thin

The wavy square rather than the Hollywood curls

Not only is it the most fashionable brushing of the moment, but it is also the one that is best suited to round faces. It is about fine and undefined undulations that are obtained by wrapping in turn the locks of her hair around the hair straightener. These loops will subtly frame the face for to hide the small curves. On the contrary, we avoid the wide loops of the Hollywood brushing which will have the effect of highlighting the cheeks and the chin.

The dipping square to soften the features

To visually lose a few pounds, this is one of the most popular hairstyles. The dipping square structures the face while hiding the too marked features. Add a slight gradient on the spikes for bring some movement. Finally, for the hairstyle, choose it slightly curly to soften the final rendering.

The wick, super allied

It can not only hide a front a little too imposing, but also lose a few pounds. Associate with a short square, she focuses on the look. As a result, the roundness of the face takes second place.

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