10 elegant evening hairstyles inspired by stars

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10 elegant evening hairstyles inspired by stars

Chignons, braids, ponytails ... elegant hairstyles to adopt for an evening are many. And the stars are good source of inspiration to find the perfect look!

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Tie your hair. Here is a nice option to be very dapper at an event. If you have long hair, you can do a very high bun, type bun. Otherwise, tie your lengths in a ponytail, low or high. The latter can have several styles: classical if it is smooth, more romantic and blurry if she is wavy. In addition, it is very simple to perform and requires only an elastic. Do you want to stand out? Opt for a pet metallic jewel for example.

Braids are also very fashionable : adopt them, even for your evenings. Choose instead to make a mat ear on the side to add a little originality. We love !

In short, to be chic, no need to make hairstyles too sophisticated: sometimes simple enough is enough. A nice smooth brushing, beautiful curls, pliers in the hair ... Here too, you have plenty of choice.

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