10 essential fashion tips to stitch our grandmothers

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10 essential fashion tips to stitch our grandmothers

1) Maintain its leather parts

A leather jacket trend who has aged badly? A small leather bag that does not shine as much as before? Do not panic. In two phases, you can give a second youth to all your leather pieces. For this, simply use a moisturizer or baby milk and rub with cotton. In a few minutes, your leather will become ultra shiny again.

2) Restore his suede shoes

To get rid of stains on your suede shoes, you will need one of these two accessories : a nail file or an eraser. Use the file to gently grate scuffed and damaged areas. As for the eraser, use it simply by rubbing gently to remove the stain.

3) Extend the life of her tights

You do not count the times when your tights have spun when you just put them on. To prevent this from happening again - because we know how annoying it is - we advise you to put them in the fridge for a whole night. This trick will simply increase their lifespan.

4) Remove rust from his favorite jewelry

This morning, you wanted to put your handsome bib necklace. Problem, it turned out to be all rusty. Come on, this is only a discount. In a few days you can postpone it. To remove rust stains, immerse your jewelry in a salad bowl filled with soda (type coca-cola®). Let marinate for several days, see a week if they are very rusty. Then rinse under hot water to remove the film of sugar and presto, they are like new!

5) Clear the traces of make-up of your clothes

In hurry mornings, you tend to prepare for the speed of light. And sometimes, paf! A trace of makeup appears on yourwhite tee shirt. To remove a lipstick stain, simply scrub the stain with a toothbrush and white toothpaste. And if it's foundation? Cover the trace with talcum powder. On top, apply a towel. Then, use a iron. Thanks to the talc, the stain will take off and will be lodged in the towel. Malin!

6) Make room in your dressing room

Too much clothes? Shopping addict? Dressing too small? Anyway, you have to make room on the shelves of your closet. For that, two options. The first applies to clothes that are hanging. To save space, collect capsules of soda cans. Wash them. Hang a capsule on a hanger. This trick will allow you to hang several hangers on top of each other. The second, applies to the clothes stored in the drawers. Instead of folding your T-shirts, sweatshirts and pajamas, we advise you to roll them. This will earn you a monster spot. They will never be crumpled again and it is much easier to distinguish at once the contents of his drawer. Not bad is not it ?

7) Remove smoke odors

Misfortune ! Coming back from this great dinner, you realize with dismay that all your clothes are stinking of smoke. And washing, the smell does not go away. Run a hot water bath in which you add 3 to 4 cups of white vinegar. Hang clothes on top of or next to the tub, and let it rest for as long as the water cools. In just a few hours you will not even smell that cigarette smell.

8) Bye bye animal hair!

We love cats and dogs. Except when they leave a mountain of hair on our clothes. To say goodbye to them (to the hair, not to the animals), take plastic gloves (those used for cleaning or washing up) and rub the garment in question with it. You will get a small ball of hair that you will only have to throw in the trash.

9) Farewell moths

Are you tired of finding your favorite clothes adorned with small holes caused by moths? We have the solution! A totally natural trick. In your closet, arrange oranges pierced with cloves. This smell that will scent your dressing will scare mites, who hate this fragrance. No more holes in your beautiful dresses !

10) A fly problem?

The slide of your jean mom goes down all the time? Grab the loop of an old keychain, attach it to the end of your zipper and put it back to the button of your jeans. Button, and presto, there is no risk that the zip of your jeans will go down.

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