10 habits to adopt for healthy hair

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10 habits to adopt for healthy hair

1 / Healthy Eating

"I am what I eat" is known what we eat plays an important role in our health but also on our appearance. For hair-shaped nothing like a balanced diet. We favor protein intake with the meat and the eggs, the calcium and the iron will be bequeathed by the fish, where the green beans will enrich the organism with fibers and vitamins C. Green vegetables of all kinds and all that can boost the production of collagen like avocado, red fruits or salmon are also welcome.

2 / To brush the hair before each shampoo

Whether you have fine hair, thick, curly or curlyBrushing the lengths before each shampoo is essential. This gesture is going distribute the excess sebum over the entire length and feed it. In addition, after shampooing the hair is much softer and (normally) without knots!

3 / Take the time to make masks

To keep hair soft, shiny and strong masks are the solution. The mask is to be adopted according to the needs of the hair: special shine, nutrition, strength... It is applied at least once a week, if the hair is really damaged we do not hesitate to push up two or three applications.

4 / Choose the right ingredients for her hair

The panel on hair care is varied. Hard to know exactly what it takes to take care of his curls. To put it simply, there are five ingredients that will always be excellent for hair : argan oil, coconut oil, spirulina, and aloe vera. If one of them is printed on the label of a bottle then it will be good!

5 / Always use a sun protection

Our hair is forgotten in the summer when it comes to arming ourselves against the sun. However they also suffer from drought and burns caused by the sun's rays. If we are exposed, we prevent the disaster using a protective spray which will moisturize deeply and protect the locks.

6 / Take care of your scalp

The scalp is too often neglected. Yet it is from here that share all the strength of our hair. To prevent itching, irritation, plaque and scabs (dandruff) we take care. How? By ensuring that he is not assaulted. We choose preferably mild shampoos without paraben, sulphate and other chemical substances. We favor natural formulas, solid formats and why not make your shampoo yourself! Many brands now offer kits to do it at home. And so that his scalp remains hydrated to the maximum we get baths of oil (argan, coconut, sweet almond, castor ...) or aloe vera gel once a week.

7 / Well ... breathe!

It's amazing ? Not so much when you know that a good breathing regulates a lot of the problems of the body. Deep inhalation through the nose followed by mouth exhalation will do a lot of good to the body. Indeed, this deep breathing reduces stress, but stress tends to do a lot of damage to the body and especially to hair that is losing vitality. Small daily actions make our beauty tomorrow!

8 / Sleeping on silk

Like a princess in her royal chamber, sleeping on a pillow covered with a pillowcase made of silk would make all the difference for healthy hair. Silk is much less aggressive than cotton for our locks and our scalp. Result? Less friction with the fabric, less frizz and certainly no breakage! Little more, this noble fabric does not absorb the excess of sebum and promises a skin preserved from impromptu buttons.

9 / Always prepare your hair before using heating appliances

It has probably been repeated a million times, but one time too much will not hurt. It is imperative to always protect your hair before using a heating device: hair straightener, fryer, hair dryer or blower brush. There are many thermoprotective products from the spray to the lotion through the cream, it is according to the preference of each.

10 / Regularly cut his spikes

It's a little a grandmother's advice we all know, but unfortunately not always applied. However, cut regularly his tips promise a hair invigorated and in good shape! Ideally it should be done every month but for lack of resources we can just refresh the lengths around every three months.

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