10 ideas for what to wear a white shirt in 2021

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10 ideas for what to wear a white shirt in 2021

A white shirt is a win-win for any situation. This basic thing will suit absolutely every girl. The main thing is to choose the latest styles and interesting combinations. Today we will consider 10 looks with a white shirt using examples of fashionable heroines of streetstyle chronicles.

A simple but stylish look can be achieved with jeans.

White shirt with jeans

We put on a tuxedo or corset over a shirt, change sneakers for pumps or sandals, and the image can be easily transformed into an evening one.

A white shirt can be the basis of a layered look. For example, wear it with a turtleneck to match the bottom and the look will be very elegant and concise.

Don’t be afraid to wear shirts in the summer. We choose natural fabrics, combine with shorts or skirts and set off to conquer the hearts of fashion lovers.

A white office-style shirt will not look trite if you combine it with an actual bottom – bermudas, buggies or wide trousers.

Throw a jacket over a man’s shoulder, add a trendy accessory – a tie, and the look will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

Not only a jacket can be masculine. An oversized shirt on a fragile girl looks no less feminine than, for example, a slip dress.

A cropped model of a white shirt looks fresh and stylish in a tandem with short shorts and low boots. A bag with gold fittings adds a zest to the image.

Ideal for summer is a combination of a white shirt with a white bottom of the same shade. This monochrome looks fresh and noble.

And do not forget about accessories, interesting models of bags and shoes – with them any image will play in a new way.

The article was prepared by the stylist-image maker Tanya Tkach
Instagram: @iamtkacheva

Spelling-punctuation and author’s style preserved

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