10 make-up mistakes to no longer make after 60 years

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10 make-up mistakes to no longer make after 60 years

1 / The black pencil

Applied in the lining of the eye or close to the eyelashes, it may tend to mark and harden the look spent 60 years, but also to spin in fine lines during the day. For a softer result, opt for a brown shade, gray or taupe.

2 / The eye-shadow

It is essential if the eyelid is slightly falling or wrinkled. Applied just before makeup, it unifies the skin, camouflages the small veins and allows the shadows to hold much longer without spinning in the crease of the eye.

3 / The pencil contours of the lips

Choose it the same color as your lipstick and apply it on the contours to prevent the material from getting into fine lines. It can also help you correct an asymmetry or an irregular contour of the lips.

4 / The foundation

Enough covering, it will tend to stopping theradiance of the complexion and to make you look older. To unify your skin while lightness, opt instead for a tinted cream moisturizing or for a CC cream sip of reflective particles of light.

5 / The matte mouth

Matte lipsticks tend to make appear the finer lips and to mark fine lines. Choose a moisturizing, slightly satiny texture and soft nuances : a rosewood, a peach or a coral for example.

6 / Volumizing mascara

After curling your eyelashes, if they are too short or too stiff, apply a lengthening mascara not too thick insisting on the outer corner of the bangs. What open and wake up the eyes. Avoid applying on the bottom lashes.

7 / Sparse eyebrows

Slightly intensified with a shadow or a pencilthey can reboost the look and harmonize the features of the face. You can also densify them with a tinted gel if they tend to be sparse.

8 / The bronzing powder

It can quickly make the face look older if it is not properly applied. To make sure you do not miss, apply instead a touch of blush pink or fishing on the cheekbones up slightly to the temples.

9 / Glitter powders

Whether for an eye shadow, a blush or an illuminator, always avoid that it contains glitter. They are more likely to spinning in fine lines and are also a little less stylish past 60 years.

10 / The concealer covering

It must be carefully selected to conceal the dark circles without tiring or noticing the look. The ideal? To opt for a moisturizing formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid, and slightly satiny.

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