10 most fashionable colors for spring-summer 2021 by Pantone

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10 most fashionable colors for spring-summer 2021 by Pantone

Color institute Pantone analyzed the collections that were presented at fashion week and made a list of trending colors for the upcoming spring-summer season. And we analyzed both the collections and Fashion Color Trend report of Pantone, based on the New York Women’s Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week shows, and compiled for you

List of the trendiest colors for spring and summer 2021

  • rich shades of red;
  • coral;
  • rust color;
  • rich orange;
  • yellow;
  • delicate purple;
  • blue;
  • turquoise;
  • green;
  • beige.

This is what the color palette for spring-summer 2021 looks like. Pantone:

Trendy Colors Spring-Summer 2021 (New York) by Pantone
Trendy Colors Spring-Summer 2021 (New York) by Pantone

The most fashionable color of 2021 by Pantone, more precisely, the most fashionable colors – for the first time in the history of the Institute of Color, there are two at once – rich yellow (Illuminating) and gray (Ultimate gray), here they are:

The most fashionable colors of the year by Pantone 2021

According to Pantone experts, the tandem of life-affirming yellow and stable, “strong” gray, will be in demand in the most likely difficult year of 2021. Colorists at the Color Institute believe that colors don’t have to be used in the same proportions. The combination of rich yellow and gray is recommended for use in clothing, apartment decoration and in the design of any media communication means.

The most fashionable colors of the year are gray and rich yellow
Illuminating & Ultimate Gray by Pantone
Rich yellow and gray - the colors of 2021 by Pantone
Rich yellow and gray – the colors of 2021 by Pantone

Collages – Pantone.com

Intense shades of red are in fashion for spring and summer 2021

Several different shades of red are in fashion at once. One of them is the Institute of Color Pantone called “lava waterfall”, describing it as follows: “it is a burning molten color that is spewed out by a stream of energy.”

Another shade – slightly lighter than the previous one and more saturated. Designers seem to tell us: more passion in life, more brightness!

Coral color

Or according to the version Pantone – “burnt coral”. The color is friendly, festive and lively. It should be noted that coral looks luxurious in any design – be it a dress, skirt or trousers. The designers also experimented with the density of the materials and the color never lost its charm in any of the cases.

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Fashionable shoes spring 2021

Rust color

Warm luxurious and very earthy rust shade Rust chosen by many designers for their models. IN Pantone noted that rust is “an earth-inspired brown, a symbol of autumn leaves that are not typical of a spring palette.” The color is quite independent, but it goes well with other shades, for example, with coral and pale pink.

Rich orange

The designers used a very daring and deep color to create luxurious dresses, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Although, to be honest, it feels like looking at the sun and about to go blind. In general, a shade for the most daring and not embarrassed by the curious glances of others. You outshine everyone!

A calmer but just as bright shade of “marigold”. Colour Pantone describes it as a golden orange hue, warming and with a calming effect.

Intense yellow is one of the main colors of 2021 according to Pantone

A color that can overcome any depression, at least we want to think so. It is voluminous, warm, cheerful and cheerful. Pantone called this color “insight”. There is never too much yellow see photo:

Pale purple or Purple Rose

The color is very delicate and as if specially created for those who love to dream. In general, in the upcoming spring-summer season 2021 there are a lot of pastel shades and Purple rose – this is one of the brightest representatives in the muted palette. Color chosen Ulla Johnson, Victoria Beckham, Kenzo, Valentino and created very feminine looks with ruffles, puffy shoulders and floral appliqué.

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9 fashion trends spring-summer 2021

Blue or Blue atoll according to Pantone

A shade that can evoke imagination and / or make you dream of your own desert island in the ocean. This deep color looked luxurious in the form of a cloak Louis Vuitton, dresses with feathers at Moschino and a trouser suit in the collection Christopher john rogers


Pantone gave this shade a very warm and soulful name – “beach glass”. It is the color of childhood memories of the sea, the color of romance and adventure. Especially luxurious turquoise looked in a satin jacket from the brand Sportmax

Green and its shades

Experts from the Institute of Color have identified several trendy shades of green – “mint”, “pickled pepper”, “green ash”, “green sphagnum”. Each of these shades is unique and unrepeatable. “Pickled pepper” – fresh and rich, has a light yellowish tint.

Mint is colder, but very refreshing.

“Green sphagnum” is a deep color with a slight brown tinge.

Beige, sand, brick and their shades are in fashion in spring and summer 2021

This is an amazingly beautiful color “willow” with a slight greenish tint, it is “mochiato” with distant peach notes, and “desert fog”, reminiscent of quicksand desert. All these shades are saturated with the warmth of the spring sun and readily converge with any earthly color.

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