10 tips from young to sting to stars

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10 tips from young to sting to stars

Make-up tips from young to sting to stars

Like Marion Cotillard or Huma Thurman, you can opt for the option of pepsy lipstick orange or satin pink. Two shades ideal for wake up the radiance of the complexion, sophisticated lips and create an ultra-chic look. If you prefer to make up your eyes, realize a discreet smoky eyes, like Juliette Binoche, ideal to emphasize the eyes without hardening or tiring the face. For a youthful look after 40 years, you can also opt for a nude makeup like Michèle Laroque: a luminous and unified complexion, illuminated eyelids and pink lips simply raised.

The hairstyle tips young to sting to the stars

Adopt a pepsy coloringlike Audrey Fleurot's flamboyant red, this is a good way to wake up her complexion and brighten her lengths. You can also give your hair a boost by realizing a scanning golden or crunching for un blond very bright honeylike Tonya Kinzinger or Alice Taglioni. Another option if you want to hide the small lines of the forehead and wake up the intensity of your eyes: wear a fringe long and thicklike Caroline de Maigret. Finally do not hesitate to shorten your lengths and opt for a short square dynamic like Inès de la Fressange. What give more volume to your hair and rejuvenate your features a few years.

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