15 vitamin C care for a reboosted skin

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15 vitamin C care for a reboosted skin

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C can not be synthesized by our body. Our only source of input is therefore food. But only one-third of the vitamin C we absorb is available for our skin. Hence the interest of choosing care that contains this asset, because vitamin C has more than one trick in his bag. It helps boost the radiance of the complexion, prevent the appearance of brown spots, fight against oxidative stress ... And when it is highly dosed, it can even stimulate collagen and erase fine lines. And that without risk because Vitamin C is very well tolerated by all skin types my most sensitive ones.

The tonic spray

Ideal for : refresh the skin, moisturize it and brighten the complexion as soon as you get out of bed.

How to apply it? Spray on clean skin, then dab with fingertips to promote asset penetration. Then apply your serum or cream.

The serum radiance

Ideal for : look good when you're tired thanks to the illuminating and energizing action of Vitamin C.

How to apply it? Every morning, massage a few drops of serum on the face before the day cream. It can also be used as a makeup base.

The scrub without grain

Ideal for : remove the dead cells gently and say goodbye to the dull veil that grayens the surface of the face.

How to apply it? Two to three times a week, put a little product in the evening on dry skin, and massage for 20 seconds. Emulsify then rinse with clear water.

The express mask

Ideal for : moisturize the skin and restore radiance to the complexion in record time.

How to apply it? Fold and squeeze the sachet so that the cloth mask soaks up lotion, then apply it on the face. Leave for 15 minutes then massage the excess product to make it penetrate.

The revitalizing booster

Ideal for : dope a little day cream and revive the radiance of the complexion over uses.

How to apply it? Pour one to two drops of booster in your day cream, mix and apply all over the face, by gentle massages.

The care look

Ideal for : eliminate fatigue marks on the eye area. Dark circles, pockets, drawn features ...

How to apply it? Take a small amount of product and apply it by tapping the inner corner to the outer corner.

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