175 Good Morning Phrases 【Short and Pretty】 Free 2019

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175 Good Morning Phrases 【Short and Pretty】 Free 2019

Dedicate some nice good morning phrases to wake up with a smile is something wonderful that I will always recommend, especially if the person you dedicate those words to is someone you love very much.

That's why it's always nice to dedicate those messages of love and affection where you find the right meaning to start the day with a heart full of happiness.

If you have positive energy since you open your eyes, I assure you that everything around you, family, friends, classmates, work or any area where you move will be much better and more bearable.

Discover the best phrases you can use for each special moment you want to live and enjoy.

Images with Good Morning phrases

Enjoy these beautiful free images to share with your loved ones and greet them early in the morning wishing a good day.

good morning, beautiful

A nice and sweet kiss can comfort a nice friendship or something else ...

good day kiss

A delicious coffee is the best way to start your body to start.

good morning my love

With laughter you will reach further and you will give joy to your heart.

good morning blessings

You are my first thought in the day and that has no price, so I wish you the best experiences you can have in this beginning.

Good morning, nice day

Good morning, god bless you

How wonderful to receive the blessing in your home of a loved one.

good morning for whatsapp

The morning sun is sending its rays of light through the window to embrace you and give you strength.

good morning Queen

A nice smile and a strong hug can give you the energy and security you need to face your destiny.

good morning smile

Always thank this day for starting a new challenge full of opportunities to start over.

good morning phrases

There is nothing more beautiful than waking up and discovering that the people you love most are there, but mainly that God has blessed you so that you can live another day of your life.

Good morning images

Good morning phrases for my boyfriend

  • Wake up my beloved, the light is striking your face to warn you that it is time to be together again.
  • The flowers open their petals in the morning and you open your heart to recharge your energy with good vibes.
  • You have two ways to start the day and the best is when you have a beautiful smile and your heart beating very hard because you know that today we see each other.
  • I remember that winter day when I woke up and I was missing something very important in my bed, so I remembered to send you a message of good morning so that you remember that from now on you will have someone who always enlarges your smile.
  • When I look for a reason for my happiness to be even greater then I think about you and I understand that you are the best motivation that a woman can have to get up.
  • I do not want to be just a phrase that motivates you I want to be the person that gives you love and affection every morning of your life.
  • Wake up, sit down and think for 10 seconds how important it is to have health, breathe deeply and love who really deserves it, that will improve the way you see things in your life.
  • I went to bed sad and tired but I woke up happy and happy because today will be that special day where two people who love each other will tell themselves what they feel.
  • If half of the dreams I had last night came true, my happiness would be so great that it would not enter my heart alone and you will have to lend yours a little so that we can enjoy this good day together, embraced.
  • You're my blue prince that I always thought existed only in storybooks, I love my life! I hope you have a nice day.
  • Take a coffee in the morning recharge my energies like a kiss from you.
  • I do not stop counting the minutes and the hours so that the night arrives to be able to embrace and to love you, happy day beloved mine.
  • Good morning my love, remember that I will always be for what you need and that not only will I be your girlfriend, lover or wife, but I will always be your life partner.
  • If you promise that I can be with you all your life then prepare to try the most delicious and loving breakfast of your life.
  • Imagine how important you are to my life that the day begins and the first thing I do is to think about you. I love you.
  • You are my reason to live for that reason every awakening that my eyes open slowly I go looking if you are there.
  • Good morning love, I want you to know that the hours are very short when I have you close to me.

Good morning phrases to fall in love

  • The woman I had last night in my dreams could come true when I saw you and I started walking like I was floating in the clouds without caring what I had around them.
  • I wake up and I think of you as if you were my addiction, Good morning, beautiful!
  • Good morning princess! I am lucky that when you wake up your eyes illuminate my path much more than the sun itself and that being able to be by your side the energy that radiates contagious being the most positive individual on the planet.
  • Every morning that I see you, my heart begins to beat stronger and accelerates because I simply think of you.
  • Wake up gently but with conviction, since today will be one of the most important days for you in which you will overcome all the obstacles that come your way and that makes me happy with just knowing that next to you I will be able to support you and see how you achieve what you long for
  • I love you with all my soul and take it from my heart you have only you to open it and link it with yours to love us all our lives.
  • The day begins and I live thinking about you from morning to night.

phrases good morning messages

  • Today I am willing to start the day talking without stopping so I hope you walk me with a kiss in my mouth.
  • Good morning, my sweetheart, I hope you have had sweet dreams and that your awakening is wonderful.
  • I hope that this message is not simply a beautiful romantic phrase but that it is my declaration of love with which I conquer you.
  • Good morning my dear! I have to tell you a secret and I love to wake up next to you.
  • If I had a desire to ask, I would be able to wake up in the morning and see your face to be always by your side.
  • Honey that this is a better day than yesterday and remember that I will always be thinking of you.
  • Never forget that when you need someone who listens to you and wants to express what you feel my ears and my feelings are available 24 hours to your needs.
  • Good morning darling! Prepare your lips that I will go to steal a kiss from your mouth when you least expect it.
  • My days are always filled with love and affection when you make me spend those good moments that I carry in my heart forever.
  • When you sleep you are beautiful but I like you much more when you wake up opening those eyes that enchant me, dazzling my heart again.
  • If I had the opportunity to ask for three wishes, one of them would be to meet you, the other would be to spend your whole life together and the last wish is that we love each other forever.
  • To surprise you today, I was able to send you these messages of love and passion for when you wake up and check your text messages.

Good morning phrases for friends

  • Get up today will be a great day! Happiness is touching the door of your heart and you know it.
  • I prefer to open my eyes with background music than to hear my parents tell me to get up from bed that it is too late to go to work.
  • In the good we are all but in the bad only the true friends, start the day with great force and remember that I will always be there to help you.
  • You are like my brother that I always wanted to have and I really want to thank you for being by my side in the most difficult moments so I wish you an excellent day.
  • Sometimes you think that friends are those who were always by your side to have fun but then you realize that true friendship can only be measured by the ties that are intertwined by actions like yours to always be at the bottom of the cannon when you I need.
  • If you are awake I leave you a greeting of good morning but we respect those big sleepers who do not wake up or who are dancing by his side.
  • Happiness is not something that can be measured in a simple way but if you can be sure that waking up, having health and doing what you like is something very valuable that you have to value and enjoy.

phrases good morning friends

  • You can do it you have the courage, the strength inside you and above all the conviction that you are capable of being able to face this great challenge. Ahead!
  • To be the best at what you do, you can only do it if you love him.
  • This day is already beginning but also when you realize it will end because of that you enjoy as if today were the last of your life.
  • When the sunlight reaches my eyes to caress them and ask me to wake up is a unique moment that I enjoy with great joy.
  • What matters is what we do today and that each morning is a re-start of our energies to face our worst ghosts.
  • Look in the mirror and tell me if in that reflection you can see a happy and happy person. If the answer is affirmative then do this ritual every day but if it is negative then reflect to improve your spiritual image.
  • Good morning, dear friends, if you woke up with a smile, then infect those who are at your side.

Good morning phrases for a friend

  • You are already like a sister to me and I want you to know so that in each moment you live remember that someone always thinks of you.
  • Look in the mirror and tell me really if it is not preferable to smile so that the joy that you do not have today begins to bloom from your heart outwards.
  • Beloved friend, I want you to know that everything is much easier when I am with you and wish that this is the best day of your life.
  • Fate crossed us and those roads collided so that we can unite to overcome obstacles together, thanks for being my friend.
  • Today you will not be alone either because I am present in your awakening until you let me.
  • I love you and you are part of my family, never forget it because I love you as you are.
  • The light that you give off can only be obscured if you do not come to see me.
  • What does the distance matter if what really matters is that one is for the other when we need each other.
  • If you get out of bed with a smile I assure you that you will end the night with happiness and joy.
  • Today is your day so I invite you to laugh dear friend and that you can fulfill all your dreams.

Good morning phrases for my partner

  • The pleasure it gives me to know that when I wake up you will continue to be by my side and that I can kiss you every morning is something unmatched.
  • If I knew that my destiny is with you for a lifetime then I assure you that every morning I would simply wake up to see you sleeping next to me and make sure this is not a dream.
  • Accept what life offers you and take advantage of it, tomorrow will be another great day that will exceed what you will live today.
  • Good morning dear friend, always remember that it is better to leave toxic people behind and join with those who do you good.
  • Many sleepless nights talking about our problems, many tears shed by a man, it's time to get up and look forward to all that is just a history of the past.

Good morning phrases love

  • Unwinding and finding yourself by my side is something that I already have incorporated, as if my life had always been like that and if I lacked, it would be as if they were tearing my heart out.
  • Open this treasure so precious to both will be something I can never forget, place my trust in you and that you give me the key to your heart will be the bond that will unite us forever.
  • Good morning princess!
  • Wake up fast and eager for someone who is eager to see you. That person is called joy and he assures that he will give you the best day of your life!
  • Happiness is the best treasure you can carry in your backpack to travel the unknown roads.
  • If you go to bed later you will have more hours of enjoyment to do what you like most.

Funny and funny good morning quotes

  • They say that bears sleep all winter and that they are very sleepy, I always wonder if you are not a bear in wintering.
  • I do not remember the man I slept with last night. The only thing I can remember is that I would like to know him again so my mind will forget him again.
  • Wake up! Good Morning! It is time to conquer the world.
  • The first thing I do is have a coffee and if it's with you it's much richer.
  • I no longer need sugar for my coffee with milk every morning because it is sweetened just by being close to you.
  • We better leave these messages for whatsapp by noon because if you do not realize you are missing the bus that takes you to work.
  • If I tell you teddy you tell me teddy bear, if I tell you my king you tell me my queen if I tell you until tomorrow you tell me good morning.
  • Get up now! It's time to fulfill your dreams with me.

good morning princess

  • If you start to miss me remember that you have a picture in your portfolio to remind me.
  • The best time of the day is the morning but it is uncomfortable for it to be so early.
  • As the alarm did not sound here I am. Wake up you're late!
  • There is a saying that life is a dream but that does not mean you are sleeping from morning to night.
  • I know that when you see yourself in the mirror you will suffer, that's why I anticipate and make you laugh with this message.
  • When you get off the bed, start by stepping on the foot

Good Morning Christian phrases

  • Happy day! May the blessings and prayers reach your heart and always think that God will protect you and your family from all evils.
  • Act as a good person and you will be rewarded for your acts of love, giving everything without expecting anything in return.
  • Tolerance is often something that can not be achieved quickly but when you lie down, meditate and start a new morning you can change the way you think and reflect on a new world in your life so that faith begins to heal you.
  • I am grateful daily to be able to believe and have that faith that allows me to continue with my convictions.
  • Faith moves mountains but always that you believe that you can improve your destiny that is not yet written.
  • The way to thank God for your destiny is always to serve your neighbor and take care of your family with each new leaf of this book that you are living. Enjoy your day!

Good morning phrases for short WhatsApp

  • It is very good to want to change the world but think about changing yourself first.
  • If I can make today a great day then my goal is fulfilled.
  • Be honest, be patient and above all be myself.
  • Wake up right now to appreciate the sun in your window that will illuminate your path.
  • Simply tell you that I miss you, never forget it.
  • This is just the beginning of a road full of adventures and opportunities.
  • Wake up and stop dreaming of what you are capable of doing to make it happen.
  • Today will be the best day of your life, but tomorrow will be great.
  • If you think it will be a great day then you have the conviction that it will be.
  • Good morning phrases and messages are those words that comfort your soul, mind and heart.
  • Good morning princess your prince awaits you tonight to conquer the reign.
  • The world needs you and you sleeping until noon, wake up!
  • Good morning, beautiful, try not to look me in the eye because you encand with your inner light.

Why do you say good morning?

It is a way to connect with the human beings that surround us through a greeting and to wish when the work, family or study day begins, good vibes.

People take this gesture as a cultural education of greeting on all individuals that surround it, that is why it is customary to use and generate a feeling of joy and blessing for believers.

There is also a great mystery about why it is said in a plural way and not in a singular way as it is done in other languages.

And this is simply done because it is specific to the Spanish language.

So you have other examples

English: good morning

Italian: buon giorno

Portuguese: bom dia

French: bonjour

Enjoy all these good morning phrases and share early in the morning with the people you love very much to surprise in a pleasant way.

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