+179 Good Morning Messages and Phrases for a Friend 【2019】

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+179 Good Morning Messages and Phrases for a Friend 【2019】

Friendship is a wonderful thing, it is a treasure that not everyone can enjoy.

If this is your case, that you have that special person who is always with you when you need it, then enjoy these Good morning phrases and messages for a friend.

With these beautiful dedications you will be able to tell him everything you need and provide a wonderful start to the day.

Remember that someone motivates you always comes well and this is your opportunity to tell him everything you want in words and with beautiful illustrations that I will leave you next.

The wonderful thing about all this that you can use for free and that are all originals created by me, since in my moments of inspiration I like to write and be present with a beautiful message next to my best friends.

Even with sweet words so that they know they are not alone and often in sad or difficult moments of life, it is beautiful to know that someone thinks of you somewhere in the world and that you are not alone.

If you want to strengthen that friendship and that the bond that you have to take care of does not deteriorate, start being present wishing for a beautiful day today.

Good Morning Cards for a Friend

These cards and postcards are a selection that I liked very much for being simple and in turn very tender as sweet in your message.

Highlighting flowers, landscapes and butterflies as something fresh natural and sincere.

good morning images for a friend beautiful phrases

A sea or an ocean in which the seagulls move carrying the messages of love and friendship that two friends can tell each other from a distance.

Good morning phrases for a friend

A bouquet of roses is not only for your boyfriend or girlfriend, it also serves your best friends.

good morning phrases friend

Every day is special to take off with a smile and wish a nice day but on Saturdays and Sundays they are ideal to spend with friends.

good morning dear friend

If you knew how beautiful childhood is to be together and grow up discovering what fills us with love will be wonderful for us.

good morning friend carinos blessings

A beautiful flower, a beautiful jewel is what allows you to smile and shine with a friendship by your side.

good morning friend

Good morning phrases for a friend

  • Today is a special day that everything you wanted will come true and make your dreams come true. You know that I love you very much and that I will always accompany you when you need me.
  • Happy day I love you very much and I hope you can specify everything you have been waiting for, you are more than a friend, you are my sister.
  • Good morning my dear friend, I will leave you with good positive waves so that the energy floods your heart and the smile is reflected in your mouth from morning to night.
  • It is a good day to thank God who crossed us on this path and we could meet to help each other whenever we need each other.
  • Blessings dear friend, I wish you could fulfill the main wealth that every human being should have that is the happiness of life.
  • My princess, my queen, my everything, I wish that every message I sent you can steal a smile so you can conquer every person who is close to you.
  • I remember when I told you that you radiated a lot of light by doing what you liked, at this point I think that not only light you generate but passion to do what you like.
  • Thank you for being in my plans on how to live this life but above all be my partner who will share the cries and joys.
  • I will never forget this dawn in which you made me the happiest person sharing the best moments of my life.

thanks for your friendship good morning

  • Good morning Friend I want this beautiful message to reach your heart because it is the way to thank you for choosing me to be your friend but above all your confidant.
  • You are a very beautiful woman that whenever I see you I wish that life gives us all the good that a good person can receive.
  • A new day that the sun rises is a new opportunity you have to correct the past you did wrong and confirm the present you did well.
  • I love you to infinity and beyond the universe where you do not know what you will find but while you are there it will be more than enough.
  • To tell you how much I love you, I don't need to send this type of message, but to remind you and refresh your memory.
  • Time made you smart enough to know which people to join and I'm glad that I am one of them.
  • Dear friend, I want to remind you that today we are celebrating the anniversary of meeting and sharing all our secrets. Congratulations!
  • I whisper in your ear with this message of friendship where I wish you a good day and that you have the strength to face this great obstacle once again.
  • If everything were so simple we would all be geniuses and leaders, that's why I ask you to be patient, I extend my hand and I will always accompany you until the end of our world.
  • The ties we built all these years paid off in one of the most beautiful friendships in the world, which is ours.
  • When you want to feed your soul remember that the important thing is to always think positive and see the good things in life.
  • When dawn comes to your home, all you can expect is that the sunlight illuminates your heart and all loved ones.
  • This time of change do not leave what you can do today for tomorrow, I trust you and your capacity for creativity, responsibility and dedication, I love you dear friend.
  • I know that the situation is difficult but when something was simple when it comes to health, you will win this battle and be triumphant, go ahead friend never lower your arms.
  • All I learned in these years of friendship is that no matter how long we are together, the important thing is always to be when the other needs you.
  • If I could change the past, I would change my whole life unless I met you.

good morning pretty friend

  • To think that the only thing you find in this life are failures is a big mistake because I found you and you found me and I assure you that it is the most important success we could achieve in our life, which is the true friendship we have .
  • The bad mood always floods your being when you wake up in the morning that I know because I know you but do not think that it is bad otherwise, I need to follow that bad mood for me to be able to send you these positive messages to make your day every moment
  • If you like my messages then expect me to send you my feelings expressed in words.
  • Charging energies sleeping is very important for the human being but having a bond of friendship like ours is essential for that dream to be pleasant.
  • If the words remain in this message then enjoy this image that expresses what I feel for you and the great love, affection and admiration I have for you.
  • When we were little I copied you, when we grew up I listened to you and now I admire you when I grow up.
  • The steaming coffee, the hot toasts and your good company are the perfect engine to achieve everything that I propose this day.
  • If I had to define my best friend in 3 words I would simply have to say humility, companionship and solidarity.
  • I offer you these blessings so that you can wake up in peace and think that that gray cloud that pursues you will begin to dissipate when you have more faith in you.
  • A coffee talk can be more between us than any fight we may have, I love you dear friend forever, no matter what.
  • The different paths of life separated us but fate brought us together again, let's not waste this important opportunity for our friendship to be unwavering.

Good morning images for a friend

good morning sister friend

Good morning messages for a friend

  • Wake up to a good time sleeping and it is time to go to work and I want the first message you read is mine to remind you that you can achieve everything you want never forget it.
  • I woke up and I want to send you this giant kiss to charge you with positive energies.
  • Believe me as you always trusted that today will be your best day of your life without problems, without obstacles and with much joy.
  • I wish you have a beautiful awakening as mine are since you are by my side understanding my fears and my emotions.
  • Dawn is a good time to receive the blessings of God, charging energy to face what he proposes to you during the week.
  • The first thing I thought when I opened my eyes is to greet you on this great day
  • When you feel depressed then remember this phrase that will give you a smile because you always have a place in my heart.
  • Today we don't sleep together so don't stop greeting me.
  • It all depends on you so I do not accept you to get out of bed without a smile.
  • If you strive you will surely achieve what you want but the most wonderful thing is that I will be there to see it.
  • Today has to be those days in which you confirm that it's really worth your life.
  • There are always those special people who change the way you think and you are one of them, thanks for those nice tips.
  • Do not think that you are missing or what things were taken from you, think about everything you have and within those things that are with you I am one of them, I love you dear friend.
  • The little birds sing, the princess gets up, yes, no, to wake up with a love.
  • When you are looking for your better half and you find a friend as beautiful and faithful as you, you certainly do not have to look anymore, because you already found her.

good morning friend i love you so much

Good morning phrases for a very special Friend

  • We have known each other since we were little and we chose our game, then time passed and we continued choosing to always be side by side in bad and good times.
  • Thank you for being as you are and appearing in my life when I least thought about it.
  • I can not imagine a day without a message from you asked if I feel good or if I need anything, you are a great friend and I am grateful to the destination for having crossed.
  • May this dawn be your best tomorrow to be able to feel full, happy and complete that it is something that does not happen to all people, I love you dear friend.
  • We are crazy, very crazy friends who always do something that we remember for a lifetime but above all that makes us strengthen our friendship for decades. I love you pretty crazy!
  • Wake up with that happiness that characterizes you that joy has to flood your soul to start the engine of your heart.
  • You chose me that special day and from that moment we never parted. Thank you for offering me your true friendship.
  • Dear friend, look at the time it is time to start making the revolution of our lives and change the path to happiness.
  • If you could hear my heart, you would realize how important you are to me, where every beat says your name.
  • I spend so much time that I no longer remember when we met but I do remember the last thing we did.
  • You are the person who showed me that I can always count on you especially in the worst moments so I choose you as my soul sister.
  • How many sleepless nights we spend and still awake the last time we got together, dreaming and imagining everything we want.

good morning my dear friend

Short Good Morning phrases for a Friend

  • Stop sleeping, open swirling eyes to work.
  • Now don't scream if you were last night until the candles are burning dancing.
  • You better wake up than sleep next to you in your bed.
  • I'm already awake and I want the first words you read to be mine, I wish you a happy day!
  • Today will be a wonderful day, believe it your best friend tells you.
  • The rain has many drops and I want each one of them to represent the luck that I wish you for this day.
  • Wake up, remember our good times and face life.
  • Very good days! It is time to forget the past, wake up in the present.
  • Happy birthday dear friend, since you open your eyes until you close them this day you have to be special.
  • If you wake up with a good smile then a good day awaits you.
  • Laugh, my dear friend, never stop being as you are genuine and masterful.
  • I await your hug every morning to begin the day full of love and hope.
  • If you want to be successful then make decisions, then decide if they are good or bad but the important thing is to do and not look at how they do.

good morning friend wake up smile

Good morning phrases for a sick friend

  • In good times and in bad times I promised you that I would be with you and my word is worth more than any promise that takes it wind, strength dear friend always with you.
  • The distance does not allow me to be by your side physically but I promise you that every day I will be sending messages to heal your soul.
  • In the worst moments I will be with you, to take care of you, heal you and above all give yourself the peace you need in these difficult moments, friends forever.
  • I saw you when you were happy, I saw you when you were happy for me, now I want to see you with all your strength facing this evil that I have to live. You have strength you can!
  • If something I want to tell you is that in the disease there are only the best friends and here I am to give you all my support for what you need.
  • Recover soon dear friend this world is not the same without you.
  • You are that friend who is worth gold and I need you strong so that we can go out to enjoy like in the old days.
  • I like it when you smile and when you call me on the phone just to wish me the best day of my life, recover soon so I can keep listening to you.
  • Friendship is healing never forget it.
  • Those who really love you will always be with you and even if they don't visit you, the important thing is to be present with the word.

good morning friend phrases

Short Good Morning Quotes for a Sad Friend

  • Let the bad pass and open your eyes to receive the good.
  • Sadness is often necessary to reconsider and learn that everything bad was for something, let that feeling go and open your arms to love, I will always be with you.
  • Many words in certain situations are useless, they are just phrases in the wind so I want our friendship to cure that pain you have in your heart.
  • Rest, reflect and let the sadness just knock on the door of your heart but not enter but be a passing feeling.
  • Receive this strong hug where I show you how much I love you and respect you, this bad drink will simply be a bad memory that will be erased with such joy.
  • False friends are better to lose than find them, do not let your tears fall for people who are no longer worth it, start the day with a smile so big that it erases all the injustices and deceptions that you passed.
  • Friend I miss you so much that I no longer have tears to shed on my handkerchief.
  • I don't see the time for you to come back to me and be like those sisters of life, inseparable and unconditional. I love you friend.
  • Friend that you are in heaven I promise that I will always remember you and you will be present in my dreams.

Short Good Morning phrases for a Friend who is far away

  • You realized you still didn't get on the plane and I'm already missing you.
  • If distance separates us then that the memories of the good shared experiences bring us together more and more.
  • Now that I know you're leaving, I can tell you how important you are in my life.
  • If I could do something to shorten the distance, I would definitely do it, but the best thing I can do is greet you on this wonderful day that begins with a smile.

Good morning phrases for a Christian friend

These beautiful Catholic and Christian messages to start the day is something you cannot miss if you are a believer.

  • Within my prayers you are always in my prayers that I do before going to bed so I wish you that when you wake up all those blessings come to your heart.
  • Heaven will open your way to have hundreds of opportunities in your decisions.
  • Never lower your arms. Faith to God is an important pillar that props you to not fall and give you that pat on the back to feel that you are not alone.
  • Wake up slowly that the blessing of the Lord will reach your heart with the sprinkling of life, for that friend I love very much I wish you the best you deserve it.
  • Pray at night and bless by day, everything you wish I promise you dear friend that you will be fulfilled.
  • Look at the sky and remember that you will never be alone in your decisions the force of the all powerful will accompany you to face that thorny path.

good morning friend messages

Good morning phrases for a friend on whatsapp

  • Do you know what that feeling you feel when you get out of bed is called? Happiness!
  • I do not show my feelings because I am afraid of being hurt but I open my heart my dear friend.
  • I am like the walls, who listen to everything but say nothing, this is my friendship, your secrets are safe for a lifetime.
  • Good morning, I just want to remind you that I am here to be with you, protect you and give you my pure, sincere and above all eternal friendship.
  • If this message causes you a smile in your heart then my mission is accomplished.
  • You are my faithful friend, you never failed me or failed me.
  • Friend who betrays you is not worth wasting time on her, friend who accompanies you is not wasting time but an investment of true friendship.
  • The friend who walks away for no better reason to let her go and come back whenever she wants.
  • A beautiful day dawned, don't wait any longer to go out and look for the most beautiful destination that this beautiful life holds for you.
  • My best friend is not the one who was with me the longest but the one who is when I need her, thanks for your friendship dear friend.
  • If you look out the window, the sun will illuminate your path to find me and to avoid those obstacles together.
  • Nobody said that this would be simple but between the two we will make this simply something temporary.

Good morning phrases for a funny friend

  • Bears hibernate in winter but you do it all year, wake up little friend.
  • I never saw someone sleep as much as you, but what a pleasure it is to see you sleep all morning.
  • During the night I prepare to see the moon and in the day the sun, you just need to see you in the afternoon to see my better half to tell us the gossip.
  • I am your clown and you are my clown, never lose that joy you radiate.
  • When you told me I was a longtime old friend, I don't know if you meant that I am old or why we have known each other for a long time.
  • Coffee every morning is what wakes me up but with your wave I make a cut.
  • Today I don't want to go to the movies because I live a movie with you every day.
  • I'm getting jealous when you spend so much time with your boyfriend, remind him that I saw you first.

I hope you like all these phrases and that they serve to honor you by surprising your best friend.

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