20 original ponytail ideas inspired by stars

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20 original ponytail ideas inspired by stars

Extra high ponytail, trend of the moment

She is on everyone's head. The ponytail tied on the top of the skull wreaks havoc on the red carpets. Lily Rose Depp, Mareva Galanter or Laury Thilleman adopted it and the result is ultra sophisticated. How to reproduce it at home? Gather all of your hair on the top of the head and smooth any bumps by brushing. Tie with an elastic of the color of your hair and finish with a haze of lacquer in order to chase frizz. For an even more chic look, hide the elastic with a strand of hair that you will fix with a small crocodile clip.

The braided ponytail, easy and stylish

This is the easy way to get an original ponytail in two or three movements. African, on the cob, or classic three-strand, all desires are possible. Like the actress Blake Lively, do not hesitate to let a few strands escape on the front of the face and loosen the strands of your braid for a bohemian rendering.

Bubble or twisted ... The fancy ponytails

A little more technical, these original braids make their effect in the evening. For the bubble version, simply tie your hair in a classic way and then add elastic bands at regular intervals all along the ponytail. To make a twisted ponytail, start by smoothing your lengths. Then tie your hair and separate it into two strands. Wrap each of the strands on themselves, then between them. Secure with hairspray.

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