20 simple health tips from Dr. Saldmann

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20 simple health tips from Dr. Saldmann

In his book Vital! (Ed .: Albin Michel), Dr. Frédéric Saldmann, cardiologist and nutritionist, offers many small simple actions to put in place in his daily life to preserve his health, scientific studies to support. Current Woman met him.

Why caring for oneself is essential?

When people are not healthy, life energy is not there. How to speak of happiness to someone who suffers? I want to convey the idea that very simple actions can change the game. By identifying its weak points, by correcting them, one avoids falling ill for nothing.

What are the keys to successful health?

In times of gastro, flu, hygiene can prevent getting sick. More important than washing your hands: brush your nails every night. Be careful also to sleep well. People who sleep less than 7 hours a night are three times more likely to get the flu. And if we sleep badly (5 hours per night), we can catch up on weekends by sleeping more than 9 hours. This resets the counters to zero. Sexuality is important too. 12 sex a month increases life expectancy in good health by 10 years.

It is also vital to watch your plate ...

30% fewer calories is 20% more life. We have made many recent discoveries about sequential fasting. The principle is not to eat for 14 hours while hydrating. This allows the body time to regenerate. The cholesterol level, the tension decrease. Inflammation, the gateway to all diseases, falls. By practicing this sequential fast by verifying that there is no contraindication with his doctor, we fight against his "programmed obsolescence" and we teach the body to repair itself.

Find her 20 simple tips to apply daily

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