2000s: how to add a little noughties glamor to your wardrobe

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2000s: how to add a little noughties glamor to your wardrobe

Visiting Trendy-U is Maria Shikhaleva, a practicing stylist-image maker specializing in style psychology.

One of the most daring, provocative and glamorous eras breaks into trends again. Fashion shows were full of mini skirts, chains, bags baguette and not only.

Instagram influencers and celebrities have easily picked up this wave and show us the aesthetics of a bygone era in full.

There are many reasons for this. The pandemic definitely made its own adjustments – we sat at home for too long and everyone again wanted a breath of freedom and luxury. And what is the return of the cult TV series “Sex and the City” worth? Luxurious, sensational outfits of Carrie Bradshaw, the series is literally saturated with the enchanting magic of the 2000s. The series “Friends” also announced its comeback to us. The outfits of the heroine Rachel Green perfectly reflect the era and most of them will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of a modern girl.

2000s and 2000s clothing style

But remembering the outfits of style icons of that time, such as Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Britney Spears and even Victoria Beckham, which is now equal to a good half of the female population, you can also remember that their images were on the verge, and sometimes beyond vulgarity.

Zero style: on the verge of vulgarity

I propose to take a closer look at 6 elements of that time and understand how to stylishly beat the nostalgia for zero, combining them with modern elements of clothing.

Belts and chains

The most luxurious accessory this season. Ideal for completing a simple minimalist look, as well as for more extravagant outfits. A great way to add a touch of that very glamor from the distant and daring era of the 2000s.

2000s clothing style element - belts and chains

Naive decorations

Touching beads straight from childhood, undoubtedly do not leave us indifferent. Rings, earrings, bracelets and even bags embroidered with beads burst into the trends of this season, bringing a little lightness and carelessness to our wardrobes, creating a playful mood.

Zero style element in clothes: naive jewelry

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What to wear to work

Mini skirts

Mini was undoubtedly at every representative of the glamorous era. Nowadays, the YSL fashion house has paid special attention to this element of clothing, it does not just hint, but almost shouts to us that this trend must break into our wardrobes again. In order not to cross the brink of vulgarity, I propose to remember one little golden rule, when opening one part of the body, try to cover the rest.

Mini skirts - an element of the look in the style of the glamorous two thousandth

Bag – Baguette

Perhaps the most harmless and easily implemented element. It brings us back to the days of Carrie Bradshaw, because it was her character who turned this bag into the most sensational accessory of the 2000s. Nowadays, it easily migrated to the wardrobes of fashionistas, as it is an excellent addition to almost any outfit. If you are not ready for big changes, but at the same time want to add a fashionable element to your wardrobe, then take a closer look at this cutie, she will remain in the arena of trends for a long time.

Baguette bag - a style element in the clothes of the 2000s

Bright sunglasses

This trend is also not inferior in ease of use. In the distant noughties, Paris Hilton expressed her special love for this accessory. You can combine bright frames in a modern way with outfits in calm bed colors, putting them on as an accent element in the image. For the more daring – bright glasses can be paired with other bright elements of clothing, playing in contrast, or create a monochrome look.

Bright sunglasses - a style element of zero

Low landing

Of course, it raises the greatest doubts among the female representatives. Nevertheless, Victoria Beckham’s favorite trend in the 2000s remains in her wardrobe to this day, with adjustments made. We leave underwear protruding from under the jeans in the distant past, we wear it with an elongated, tucked-in blouse or T-shirt, or with a cropped top.

Low-rise jeans or skirts

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