3 fashion tips to look younger: the advice of Cristina Cordula

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3 fashion tips to look younger: the advice of Cristina Cordula

It's a fact. Choosing the right outfits but also the adapted beauty and the perfect hairstyle is the key to a modern and successful style. A color (or bad association) can be fatal and lead to the fashion faux-pas: the image consultant and queen of style, Cristina Cordula, we give some tips to avoid doing 10 years more!

1. Bring a trendy note to any outfit

Classic and timeless style with basic wardrobe or not, it's very easy to shift his look and bring that extra soul to any outfit. If you're more classic, just relax with a modern room in phase with current fashion trends, to mix for example a pair of sneakers has a pantsuit or to simply adopt jeans, to calmly match with more dressy pieces like a blazer jacket or a pretty shirt. Bring a casual touch to her outfit rejuvenates illico!

2. Bye bye the fleshy tights of her closet!

"My darling!" It's forbidden ! For the star advisor, nothing is more "Memeriser" that sticky flesh: we can never repeat it enough, but separate it once and for all! Replace them with a pretty black opaque pattern or satinit will work wonders, and will not be less comfortable!

3. Watch out for color combinations!

In the radius "Memeriser" also: the attempt to marry bag, shoes and belt for example, all in the same shade. So yes, the color recall game does exist, but provided that the outfit is ultra-trendy at the base! If necessary, we pass our turn and we unmatched colors for a much more modern look and anything but nerdy.

Finally, ladies and gentlemen, you will understand, the haircut and even the color can also grow old if they are not adapted. So we forget the cuts too volume, the brushings worked: room for movement and dynamic hairstyles to rejuvenate in the blink of an eye!

It's your turn !

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