3 homemade mask recipes for perfect hands

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3 homemade mask recipes for perfect hands

The skin of the hands often tends todrainbecause this part of the body is in constant contact with objects. This drought can cause unpleasant tuggingbut also a skin aging premature, that's why we must take care of it by applying a moisturizer every day. To complete its action, it is advisable to make masks: nutrition assured!

1 / With olive oil and sugar

If your skin is feels tight, especially at the level of phalanges, this nourishing mask and exfoliating is for you. Mix a tablespoon of sugar (ice for a very soft or normal scrub for a more intense action), with two tablespoons of olive oil. Apply while massaging gently for a few minutes then rinse. Your hands are cleansed of dead skin and have found their sweetness.

2 / Shea butter

This natural ingredient helps the most dry skin. Shea butter applies directly as a poultice, on the damaged hands. For the material to penetrate well, heat it a little in your palms to soften it. Leave it until penetration and massage the surplus. No need to rinse.

3 / Creamy honey

Honey has many virtues, including those to nourish and protect the skin. In addition, he encourages cell renewal and soothes irritations he's all good! Just use it mixed with a tablespoon of sweet almond oil, for even more nutrition. Apply all 30 minutes and rinse.

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