3 mistakes that make you look 10 years older: Cristina Cordula's advice

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3 mistakes that make you look 10 years older: Cristina Cordula's advice

Error # 1: the hairstyle

According to Cristina Cordula, hair too brushed and on which we slightly exaggerated the volume, can give an impression of "mémérisation", A little old-fashioned side as our pro's advance of the image. Also pay attention to the color of your hair: a badly chosen coloring can quickly save you years. Opt for a fresh and vibrant color, say goodbye to graying roots and dull hair.

Hair style, dare a modern cut with movement. Dynamic effect and so rejuvenating guaranteed!

Mistake # 2: The Dress Style

Our expert in the Cristina Cordula look is formal: we avoid at all costs marry the colors together ! The bag that matches the shoes, or the color of the belt, for example, is a bit too classic and can give you a little shot of old, stylistically speaking of course. Opt instead for mismatched colors, with moderation ...

Mistake # 3: Makeup

We can not tell you enough, but it is very important to avoid overloading your make-up. A bright and natural complexion, yes! A cakey face ... help. Opt for a little blush that will look good. Our expert also advises you to avoid makeup at all costs and eyes and mouth, especially if you have also touched your complexion. In other words, the more the make-up is pronounced, the older it gets.

Have you noticed everything? So, it's up to you!

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