3 mistakes to avoid with false eyelashes

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3 mistakes to avoid with false eyelashes

1 / Put too much glue

False eyelashes are most often attached with glue provided for this purpose. It must be applied directly to the bangs: be careful not to put too much, the risk that it overflows during the application and that it creates a package. Once the glue is well spread, it is advisable to wait for a thirty seconds before asking fake eyelashes. This time allows it to dry a little, which will help to make it easier to adhere!

2 / Take an inappropriate length and shape

The fake eyelashes can enlarge the look. But if they are badly chosen, they can have theopposite effect and weigh down the eye. If your eyes are small, avoid the fringes that are too thick shrink more. Opt instead for false eyelashes quite long very light and natural rendering. If, on the contrary, your eye is very big, you can afford a bangs provided. Want to lengthen round eyes? Bet on a form in almondthat is, shorter at the inner corner of the eye and longer at the outer corner.

3 / Do not remove them well

If they do not present a danger for the natural eyelashes, ephemeral false-eyelashes must, like the rest of the make-up, to be removed before to sleep. To remove them, nothing more simple: gently pull the bangs from the outer corner of the eye. Most false eyelashes are reusable, so you can clean them with make-up remover or mild soap for another day!

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