3 rules to know to have beautiful hair every day

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3 rules to know to have beautiful hair every day

Perfectly styled hair, long-lasting hold, and no frizz on the horizon ... no doubt, you're in good hair day ! In other words, your hair is perfectand your day will be enlightened. But how to reproduce this capillary magic again and again?

1 / Accept and adapt to the nature of your hair

The key: it's already to know your hair well. Are they dry, dehydrated, or rather oily? Is their nature curly, stiff, wavy ... in short, you have understood, the goal being toadapt your care and practices according to the hair you have. A bit like you would with your skin type. Even the choice of your brush will have to be adapted! And you'll see, it changes everything ...

2 / Wash your hair well

This is the most banal thing and yet ... many French would wash and rinse badly their hair. The main thing: choose a suitable shampoo, avoid daily washes - prefer to make a shampoo 2 to 3 times a week, and spend time on the rinse to avoid residues of products that weigh down the material and promise a bad hair day immediate. Also try to avoid the hair masks at the roots, and apply them rather on the lengths.

3 / Limit heat sources

Heated appliances tend to weaken the hair fiber and damage your hair as you use it, especially if it is daily. If possible, avoid using the hair dryer or straightener as much as possible, and always remember use a thermoprotective spray on your lengths before any use of heat. Your hair will thank you.

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