3 tips to make your tattoo look like new

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3 tips to make your tattoo look like new

1 / Observe some precautions during healing

Leaving the house tattooist, your tattoo is packed in cellophane to protect it. But be careful not leave it too long It is advisable to keep it for a maximum of 2 hours. Then know that you can clean your tattoo with a neutral pH soap. Avoid playing sports or going to the pool so that it does not become infected. Other advice for him heals well and retains its original state as long as possible: thehydrate with a suitable product, a cream often recommended by professionals.

2 / Avoid the sun

This rule is very important. If it is advisable to avoid exposing your tattoo to UV rays just after the session, we must also continue to protect it well after healing. Why ? First, the sun with excessive and unprotected can be dangerous for your skin. Then, these rays can alter the color of the ink, which would make your dull tattoo. Do not hesitate to apply sunscreen SPF high.

3 / Stay hydrated

Thehydration plays a key role in maintaining your tattoo. If some tattooists prefer dry healing, that is to say without cream or other products, most advise to apply a cream two to three times a day in the weeks following the session, then after every day at the same time time as your body. A skin well hydrated will age less quickly, will be more fresh and more firm. Ideal to keep theinitial aspect of your tattoo.

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