3 ways to apply the complexion illuminator

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3 ways to apply the complexion illuminator

At the inner corner of the eye

It illuminates dark eyes and awakens an outline of the tired or circled eye. If you clear skin, opt for a powder with silver or pearlescent reflections. Apply the material with a small brush slightly moistened to obtain a very intense result.

Under the eyebrow

Deposited on the brow bone, he enlarges his eyes and raises his eyelid. To get a subtle effect and avoid marking fine lines, go for a liquid texture and pat it on your finger. If your skin tone is dark or black, choose a slightly golden color.

On the cheekbone

These subtle reflections on the cheek bones are perfect for restoring the radiance of dull or dry skin. To create a natural effect, use an illuminator stick and apply the material going up to the point of the eyebrow. Avoid on oily skin or imperfections.

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Thanks to Zainab Razavy (Ayshglamm), makeup artist theBalm.

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