30, 40, 50 years old, which night care to adopt according to my age?

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30, 40, 50 years old, which night care to adopt according to my age?

30 years old: a very moisturizing jelly

Stress, fatigue and pollution weaken the skin. She is then dehydrated and more easily prone to pimples. Apply a night mask with hyaluronic acid to fill his need for waterand fight imperfections with rose and peppermint extracts.

40 years: a special care radiance

Fight the appearance of dark spots and the blurred mine with a resurfacing treatment that brighten your complexion. In its formula, fruit acids, also called AHAs, that act in the night to smooth skin texture and stimulate cell renewal.

50 years: a redensifying cream

Stimulate the elasticity of the skin with an ultra-nourishing shea butter balm. Opt for a formula rich in polyphenols to counter the effects of free radicals, and which also contains active agents that can improve the density of the skin, such as saffron or hyaluronic acid. Upon awakening, the skin is smoothed and soothed.

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