4 make-up tips to make your eyes look bigger

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4 make-up tips to make your eyes look bigger

1 / Focus on light and light colors

One of the secrets for open the eyes is to work well on the inner corner of the eyes. "You have to bring some light at this place a little dark, to emphasize it "explains Laure Bourgeois, make-up artist Laura Mercier. "We must also opt for eyeliner clear in the warm tones, or of the taupe or plum type, as they will illuminate and enlarge the eye ". Side texture, you can afford everything, "Put some iridescent shades, satin or matte, the main thing is to mix them well ".

Another tip to highlight his eyes: finish his make-up by a little bit ofbeige eye shadow or off-white to put under the brow bone. Finally, there is also the technique of light pencil to apply inside the eye, on the lower eyelid. "Prefer a beige pencil, more discreet, because the white can quickly be too noticeable", advises the expert.

2 / Use a special technique

If you think your eyes are small, you must avoid putting liner at all costs: "Some make this mistake and draw a line eyeliner too thick, who weighs on their eye ". The trick? The technique of Tightline, very popular on social networks and professional makeup artists. The principle is simple: apply a line of liner between the mucosa and the upper lash of the lashes with the help of a very fine brush and wet or product dedicated to this area, to obtain a very natural result.

3 / Avoid black and dark brown

"These two colors are very hard to work and tend to narrow the look, especially when they are worked in smoky ", says Laure Bourgeois. It is also necessary to ban the kohl and the black pencil to apply in the eye: "It does not highlight it, it gives the impression that it is small". If you want to put a color flush with the lower lashes to remind the one on the eyelid, the make-up artist advises to opt for a bright eye shadow to apply with a fine brush.

4 / Have the right material

If you want to succeed flattering make-up for your look, you have to "Have the right tools". You need a very fine brush, short and precise to work the upper and lower lash of the eyelashes, but also a brush more vaporous to properly degrade eyeshadow. "If we see the demarcation in a makeup, efforts to enlarge the look are useless, it is not aesthetic".

Thanks to Laure Bourgeois, makeup artist Laura Mercier for her advice.

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