4 tips to do your winter sales well

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4 tips to do your winter sales well

The sales are there with the first winter promotions. No question of losing a minute to do the best business of the moment, get ready now thanks to our pre-sales coaching in 3 lessons:

1- Sort in your dressing room

No way to go to the shop without knowing your needs. Take the time to empty your cabinets to take stock of the essential parts you already have, the ones you have not yet bought but you absolutely want, not to mention sorting your basics to see which ones are in good condition and to be sure to know those that would be better to renew at low prices because you have used them too much. Set them aside and replace the ones you bought back from the winter sales. It will also be an opportunity to sort to get rid of some clothes you no longer wear and therefore take up space unnecessarily in your dressing room. You will do this to easily store your new purchases!

2 - Go on a scouting mission

Before the excitement of buying in the shop, take the time to stroll through the shelves and spot your favorites in the collections. So you still have time to think about what you really like and what you need before making a decision that would hurt your shopping budget.

You will be able to get an idea of ​​the rooms you do not want to go through and establish a plan of attack.
The idea: which piece would you like to have more than another? You can thus establish an order of priority for your passages in shop. A simple but effective way to not miss good deals and avoid impulsive expenses.
You will make effective choices when you are in an emergency!

3 - Set your budget!

No question of starting balances blue card in hand ready to unsheathe everything. This is the best way to get angry with your banker and regret some compulsive purchases that will not be returned or exchanged. Balances must meet needs (and a few small crackers, you are allowed) to really save you money. Set yourself an ideal budget and a maximum budget not to exceed in case of big unexpected coup de coeur. You will be able to approach the purchases more serenely and hold your accounts over the sales to avoid unpleasant surprises at the end of the month.

4 - Update your clothing sizes

This is essential to save time in the shop by zapping the interminable queues in front of the changing rooms or simply avoid disappointment when receiving your package after your online shopping. This will save you from hesitating hours between two sizes and if you took a little belly or hips or even thin without realizing it in recent months, you will be sure to take the models that will sublimate your figure. A tip, do not hesitate to make a note in your smartphone with your sizes by brand because these may vary from one brand to another. And for those who shop online abroad: do not forget to take a look at our table of clothing size matches from one country to another.

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