5 beauty mistakes that we make every morning

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5 beauty mistakes that we make every morning

1 / Make up with an artificial light

Avoid applying make-up in your bathroom, whose light is often light and yellow. You will tend to apply more product and look too tanned in the light of day. The good reflex: make up in a well-lit room or, if possible, in front of a window.

2 / Clean your face in the shower

Regular contact with the hot water of the shower promotes sagging skin. If you have this habit, try lowering the water temperature slightly. Otherwise, clean your skin with cool water in front of your sink.

If you wear makeup just after applying your moisturizer, it will not have time to penetrate and your makeup will be less beautiful. Wait 5 to 10 minutes between the two stages. The time to take your breakfast or to dry your hair for example.

From the age of 30, it is advisable to apply an eye contour treatment morning and evening. What to hydrate this very fragile part of the face but also prevent the signs of age and delay the appearance of fine lines. Little more: a contour of the eye well hydrated will be easier to make up.

5 / Put your hair dryer on maximum power

This is what we all do to dry our hair quickly in the morning. But eventually, this can weaken and dry. If possible, try to use medium heat and finish with fresh air to close the hair scales and boost their shine.

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