5 beauty mistakes to banish that make your hair oily

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5 beauty mistakes to banish that make your hair oily

1 / Wash them too often

More hair tends to grease quickly, the temptation to wash them often is great. But it is a bad habit that should not be taken. Indeed, an excessive washing of the scalp can weaken and theassault. To "defend oneself", this one will produce more sebum, and therefore grease the hair faster. The good trick ? Wash them less often possible. At first, your hair will be very fat, but gradually, they will be more beautiful and most importantly, they will regrease less quickly.

2 / Use the wrong products

If the frequency of washings plays an important role in the maintenance of oily hair, use of adapted care is also important. However, products designed for this type of hair are often too aggressive with the scalp, which is why it is advisable to opt for mild shampoos and to reserve shampoos "greasy hair" for occasional washings. Regarding care, consider using a nutritious product, but only on the tips, at the risk of greasing your roots even more.

3 / Touch them constantly

Turn one or several locks, put your hand in your mane ... Touching your hair during the day can be a reflex that you do not even think about. However, this seemingly innocuous gesture can have disastrous consequences on your hair. First, it can be at the origin of breaks: the hair, weakened because all the time solicited, can break. Then, it can grease them because the dirt presents on your hands are deposited on the hair fiber.

4 / Assault them with styling devices

In addition to care and gestures, greasy hair is afraid of heat. Why ? Use a hair dryer or straightener too close to the scalp as both may attack. This is going de facto produce an abundant amount of sebum to defend themselves and protect themselves from the heat. This is why it is necessary to respect a distance of 30 centimeters during the drying and not to pass the hot plates straightener every day.

5 / Forgetting to wash his tools

Last important point to avoid grease her hair : the maintenance of styling tools. Indeed, brushes, pliers and others combs are in contact with hair and air: they can be covered with dust and especially sebum, which can make your hair greasy. To avoid this, think about regularly clean your tackle For example, you can immerse your plastic brush and combs in a basin of foaming water.

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