5 beauty trends to pique at the youngest

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5 beauty trends to pique at the youngest

The XXL bars

This is the accessory 2019. This trend dresses the hair and comes to complete a look easily. On the heads of the youngest, she wears in accumulation. Seniors will choose one and hang on a few strands on one side of the head. Have fun !

The glossy trend

Reserved for girls the gloss? Not anymore ! It applies as well on cheekbones or eyes now! Blush and eyeshadow are available in glossy version (include glossy version, wet effect). This is ideal for mature skin, who do not like powdery materials that bring out fine lines. We say yes to this trend, without abuse, however. Our favorite for the quinquas: the blush, for its good-looking subtle effect and avoids the appearance "plaster" powders.

The short bangs

This year, she is back! Try on medium-length hair, a slightly blurry cut on the square or simply on long, tapered hair. Obviously avoid the bowl cut way Mireille Mathieu!

Powder varnish

If, over the years, you have not become an expert in manicure, powder coating may be a game changer. As for a classic manicure, we apply a protective base. Then you dip your nails, one by one in the color powder. Remove the excess with a finger or a brush to avoid accumulating layers and voila. Ready to try?

Grey hair

Your white (or gray) hair that you take care to hide with a color is popular with young people (and not so young). True revolution for over a year, white hair is on the rise. What make you take them and show you to the forefront of fashion easily and without restriction.

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