5 fashion books for long autumn evenings

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5 fashion books for long autumn evenings

There are a great many books on fashion, but not all of them will be of interest to people whose work is not related to this area. Many works are more like textbooks with dry statement of facts. They’re useless unless you’re seriously into fashion design. And here is an easy, pleasant, but at the same time fascinating reading – the very thing for long autumn evenings.

5 books about fashion


1. Lauren Weisberger “The Devil Wears Prada”

The adaptation is wonderful! If you agree with this, then the book should be liked even more. Dedicated to everyone who once dreamed of working in a serious gloss.

2. Sophie Kinsella “The Secret World of a Shopaholic”

A lightweight, humorous book about shopaholic Rebecca Bloomwood. What can a passion for shopping lead to and how to correct the consequences? Yes, at the same time you will learn how to get rid of shopaholism, if it is, of course, possible …

This is a more serious book. It doesn’t teach you how to dress properly, but it helps you pause between purchases to reflect on the fact that fashion is an industry. With their kings and pawns …


4. Sarah Kennedy “Being a fashion icon. Vintage Look Guide “

A book that not only inspires but also provides helpful tips and step-by-step instructions for creating looks inspired by 20th century fashion icons, from Louise Brooks to Cindy Crawford.

Michel Pasturo is a historian who has researched … the color blue. The result is an incredibly interesting book for both history buffs and fashion lovers.

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