5 golden rules to choose your tights

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5 golden rules to choose your tights

Even if they create a elegant look pantyhose can be your worst enemy. Put them on each and every time as a real obstacle course. Just out of their packaging, you have only one fear: spin them! Let's not talk about the puzzle as to the purchase. Faced with the diversity of materials and materials, the pantyhose range will almost make you dizzy. Because with the tights, it is only a thread to graze fashion faux-pas! Follow him instructions for choosing your tights for an effect "sublimated legs" insured!

Rule # 1: the right material, you will choose. In spring as in winter, tights do not know season. When the first colds are felt, do not hesitate to take out your pair of tights in wool or nylon. It will keep you warm and will marry beautifully with your pair of boots and corduroy skirt. Then comes the arrival of the first beautiful days and you dare not reveal your little tanned legs? Do not panic, an elegant pair of tights in veil will do. Colorful or printed, it will bring a little pep if you have decided to get out of your wardrobe your denim dress or floral print. So chic !

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Rules n ° 2: the right size, you will put on. There is nothing more unpleasant than a sticky that is too small and that does not stop slipping. It is therefore important to choose the right size. To do this, it is wise to know its size and weight. Once both information is in mind, you just have to follow the size guide (between 1 and 4) offered behind the package. Once donned, a detail will not deceive. If there is no knee crease and thatcrotch is perfectly in placeit means that this model fits you like a glove!

Some brands even care about your well-being by launching special collections heavy legs or curved silhouette. At the slimming radius, pantyhose "Push-up" sculpting and slimming. What to put his assets forward!

Rule # 3: opaque tights, you will adopt. It is an essential mode that you must have in your underwear drawer. With a skirt, dress or shorts, black opaque tights are your favorite pair. By its sober and united hue, it sublimates your silhouette by refining your legs to complete your outfit in beauty.

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Chic and elegant, black opaque tights can also become sensual and refined. In fishnet, small black satin or with a very sexy black line in the back, these tights will awaken the femme fatale that lies dormant in you. This underwear will be ideal with a little skirt trapeze in leather or with the very elegant little black dress.

Rule # 4: flesh tights, cautiously, you will wear them. This is often the subject of contention between fashionistas. Because in life, as with ballerinas, there are two teams: pro and anti-pantyhose flesh. Some will consider them as indispensable, while others will see a real lack of taste. Our objective in this article: to avoid a new diplomatic crisis on the fashion world. Let's clear things up! The flesh tights are not not the most flattering for the legs, especially if you have strong enough calves. In addition, its satin or powdery color, this pantyhose is more eye-catching. Therefore, to avoid fashion faux-pas, it is strongly advised tobuy flesh tights in the same skin tone of your skin (light beige, tanned, terracotta orange). Otherwise, hello the look of the little granny part take a walk to the market.

Rule # 5: Colored tights, you will dare. To be stylish in tights is possible! Even if black tights are a must-have for your wardrobe, nothing prevents you from adding a little fancy. Carmine red, mustard yellow, emerald green, royal blue or ultraviolet, the tights are available in the colors of your moods and your clothing cravings. Take out your best pair of tights orange with your brown look, or a pair of colors Bordeauxto accompany your little dress Navy blue. And so that your look in colorful tights is perfect, it is wise to choose them from the the same color as your pair of shoes and the same texture as your clothes. And if you want to bring some fun to this underwear, dare glitter on a pair of thinner tights! The time of an evening, your legs will then only shine a thousand lights! But beware, the ball-and-match effect.

With all these tips, you too can become muse of a pantyhose brand like Julia Roberts. So show your legs, go for it Rodeo Drive and play there way Pretty Woman !

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