5 good reasons to go back to the gloss

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5 good reasons to go back to the gloss

1 / It is super trendy

The gloss is visible on all mouths, even those of stars. Many have adopted it: Eva Longoria and Meghan Markle in version nude, Bella Hadid version flashy red... Exit matte lipsticks without reflections, the goal is to shine.

2 / It is easy to wear

The gloss marry everything: just choose the color you want to wear. By its shine, it helps brighten up and make sparkle a make-up. It also brings freshness, because it is often less covering and more nuanced than a classic lipstick.

3 / It makes a beautiful mouth

It is well known, gloss highlight all the lips. They are fine? It is perfect for you because it will give a volume printing thanks to the brilliance. Result: your mouth looks luscious!

4 / It is easy to apply

Who has never had trouble properly applying lipstick? With the gloss, it's over: its texture is like gelled and so it's more malleable. It works and applies ultra-easy. In addition, if you go over, it can be easily removed with a tissue or cotton: no need to remove your makeup remover as with the classic lipstick highly pigmented.

5 / It does not mark fine lines

It's'main asset gloss: it fills fine lines and does not not mark like some matte lipsticks can do it. Since it is liquid, it is advisable to draw the outline of its mouth with a pencil of the color of the gloss or transparent for good draw your lips and prevent the material from overflowing.

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An ultra-glam and brilliant pink mouth!

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