5 make-up ideas for blue eyes

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5 make-up ideas for blue eyes

1 / The smoky eyes mat

Choose a plum or purple hue fairly steady then apply it on the eyelid and flush with the eyelashes. Ideal for highlighting blue eyes, this shade lwill give more depth. To perfect makeup, apply a touch of walleye at the inner corner.

2 / The cat-eye liner

If your blue eyes lack definition and intensity, do not hesitate to underline them by realizing a eyeliner black. Extend the line to the outer corner of the eye, without exceeding the point of the eyebrow, to lengthen the look. add a little purple shade in the hollow of the eyelid to sophisticated the result.

3 / The pink halo

Pink tones bring out the blue eyes and bring them a lot of freshness. Apply the color, ideally satin, over the entire eyelid moving a little protruding above the hollow. Also drop some material along the lower lash line.

4 / The touch of pastel

A nice pastel green will bring out blue eyes and bring them pep. Apply as an eyeliner, for a discreet effect, or in halo on the eyelid for a more sustained rendering. For a very chic result, perfectly unify your complexion and leave your lips skies.

5 / The copper eyelid

The copper, golden or bronze tones are particularly flattering for blue eyes. Choose a metallic finish and drop it on the eyelid usinga brush humidified, to accentuate its rendering. Highlight the flush eyelashes with a brown pencil to create a nice fade. apply a mascara stretching.

Find 5 make-up ideas for blue eyes

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