5 spring trends to adopt after 50 years

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5 spring trends to adopt after 50 years

Among all the novelties of the season, some are easier to wear everyday, without fear of resembling a beast of fashion. Zoom on the 5 major trends identified for you on the podiums that you can inspire to create chic and stylish looks with our tips.

The scarf print

Evocative luxury and a tad vintage, this trend is available on all the strong parts: dress, shirt, skirt, pants ... But better to wear small touches because the total look often flirts with bad taste. The most common version: the silk scarf print shirt, which is rather loose and preferably on cotton linen pants or jeans for more modernity. The more adventurous will try the skirt to match with a sweater or a plain tee-shirt with short sleeves and close to the body. Side accessories, sobriety is in order, not to load the outfit.

Terracotta colors

True stars of this spring, terracotta or terracotta color combinations harmonize perfectly with shades of spicy tones that range from rust through ocher, saffron, cinnamon but also rosé beige, white or white. black for a sharper contrast. These terracotta tones, chosen with care, will complete your looks as well united as printed. Feel free to mix these colors with flowers in the same colors or with more graphic prints.

The stripes

They had been seen in previous seasons, but they are definitely in the fashion landscape. By choosing them carefully, the stripes are thin allies if you opt for a vertical line. You can dare stripes sometimes black, white or tone on tone. Everything must remain elegant. Just know how to use them sparingly in your looks. A piece at most in an outfit to stay chic and not look too junior.

The jeans in total look

As fashion is an eternal start, we do not change a team that wins! The classics go through the seasons, as is the case with denim, which still stands out. This spring, it is worn in total look: pants and shirt, dress or skirt and denim shirt. All decorated with accessories (silk scarf, golden jewelry, vitamin bag ...) to bring light!

The return of the rose

The pastel colors were the joy of our wardrobe last season: here we are invaded by pink ballerina! To you, you'll look like a jumpsuit, like the jumpsuit, the three-hole dress or wallet, the pink trouser suit or accessories details to mix nicely with your outfits. These tones are suitable for all skin tones and all hair colors including whites and grays. So go for it on this soft shade!

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