5 tips to apply your slimming cream and make it more effective

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5 tips to apply your slimming cream and make it more effective

1 / After the shower

Under the effect of heat, the pores of the skin dilate slightly. If you apply your slimming cream at the exit of your shower, its destocking and smoothing assets can therefore penetrate faster and their action will be all the more effective.

2 / On exfoliated skin

realize a scrub once or twice a week on the areas you want to refine or smooth. This will allow the care to penetrate better and the microcirculation to be revived. The little extra: make a scrub with some coffee grounds.

3 / With a suction cup

If you use a slimming oildo not hesitate to work on your body with a small suction cup. This tool, very easy to use, reproduces the movement of rolling massage and therefore boosts the destocking of fats.

4 / Wrapped in cellophane

Apply a layer of cream on the area to be treated then wrap it in a cellophane film. The heat will promote the absorption of the product and make it more effective. Leave to ask twenty minutes about.

5 / By performing a palpate-rolling

Your slimming cream is just as important as the way you apply it. By performing palpate-rolling movements from bottom to top of the legs, you strengthen the drainage mechanism and smooth the dimples. On the stomach, make rather circular motions.

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