5 tips to have beautiful hair all summer

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5 tips to have beautiful hair all summer

1 / Hydrate in prevention

Prevention is better than cure ! To avoid going back to vacation with tanned skin but brittle hair, anticipate a few weeks before the start by preparing the lengths. The right prescription? A nourishing mask (if your hair is already dry) or moisturizer.

It applies every week on wrinkled hair and knead a wick before combing with a wide-toothed disintegrator to properly distribute the product. A few days before departure, pre-condition the shampoo with application ofoil on the lengths, to leave to ask 10 mn.

2 / Create an anti-pollution shield

The heat and the sun accelerate the impact of pollution on the hair that become drier and duller, and on the scalp that is irritated and tends to grease faster. The temptation to multiply shampoos becomes great ... Now, a weakened hair risks to become even worse over repeated washings.

Space then shampoos and spray on your hair a protective care. It creates an anti-aggression film and prevents pollution from clinging. Also bet on a detox treatment which purifies in depth or a styling spray that structures and protects in a single gesture.

3 / Shelter UV

Cream version (for normal hair), haze (for fine hair) or oil (for curly hair), the anti-UV protective formulas are available in different textures. These treatments associate moisturizing and antioxidant active ingredients to prevent lengths from drying out. They limit the irritation of the scalp and prevent the color from being washed away.

We apply them bit wick about 1 cm from the roots before going to the beach or the pool. They will of course be diluted in water throughout the day, hence the importance of renewing the application, as with a solar product for the skin. The evening, a shampoo after Sun will eliminate filters still attached to the hair fiber without stripping.

4 / Protect salt and chlorine

The hair is a sponge: waterlogged, he becomes more elastic and his tusks diminish. However, when the salt crystals settle on the hair fiber, they amplify the effect of UV rays that heat even more and may "burn" the hair.

As for chlorine, irritating to the scalp, its chemical agents denature the pigments of the coloring and scorch the browns and green the blondes. The trick to avoid the side effects of swimming? Wet the hair completely with fresh water before diving to prevent it from absorbing water from the sea or the pool. And in the evening, use a shampoo that can rid it of the last residues of salt and chlorine.

5 / Strengthen with a care without rinsing

This ally of hurried mornings is also the best friend of holidaymakers: it applies in the morning on the lengths, acts throughout the day in spreading its beneficent and protective assets. Often enriched with shea butter, nourishing coconut or argan oil extracts, restructuring keratin or moisturizing glycerin, it protects from drying, combing, keep hair soft and shiny.

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