5 trend tattoos and their meanings

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5 trend tattoos and their meanings

The cosmos tattoo

The cosmos can be perceived as the symbol of the unknown. It's the sign questioning oneself and a dreamy personality and curious. You can also decline the cosmos tattoo in one pattern in connection with the trip: world map, plane, geographical coordinates ... Drawings, witnesses of the stages of a life of adventurer or the indelible memory of a journey that has transformed you (e).

Geometric tattoo

He's doing more and morefollowers and can find its place in areas as diverse as the ankle, arm, scapula and even behind the ear. Large, medium or small, it can fulfill all your desires. Lines, circles, triangles, having an esoteric or astrologicalyou have a choice and can create one that does not will look like you.

The vegetable tattoo

The flowers are still popular and this year we find especially the rose, timeless, symbol of love and femininity. This romantic plant and timeless settles on the top of the elbow, the shoulder and even on the ribs. Still in this theme, some people have fun growing plants around their wrists. Have a vegetable tattoois to show a certain sweetness, a sensitivity to nature and the environment that surrounds us.

The tattoo writing

It's been a while now that this type of tattoo has taken place on the skin of many people, just likeAngelina Jolie whose body is covered with proverbs and of quotes. Some lines of text in the skin may have a special meaning to everyone, and often it is a kind of mantra, a line of conduct in his life or a thought that guides you. It can be a quote from a book, a song title, a proverb, a symbolic date, the name of a loved one ... typography also has an importance in the meaning of the message : it reflects a state of mind, an emotion, a feeling.

The tattoo symbol

Often minimalist and small, the tattoo symbol is placed rather in atypical places the body like behind the ear, between the fingers, inside the forearm or in the neck, almost always in a very discreet area. It can be an eye, a heart, a leaf, a sun ... It is always characterized by a simple drawing and a fine line. This tattoo sometimes even has a twin on the body of another person: a lover, a best friend or a soul mate ...

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