6 things to know to preserve your microbiota

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6 things to know to preserve your microbiota

The microbiota and intestinal flora is the same thing

The human body is composed of 1.3 kg of bacteria, most of which is microbiota present in different areas of the human body. We speak of oral or vaginal microbiota, for example. " To be precise, we will use the term intestinal microbiota "says gastroenterologist Philippe Godeberge, author of What do you have in your stomach, (Hachette editions). It is present in its natural state in the human digestive tract.

Probiotics and prebiotics act the same way

The first are living micro-organisms, whose action is beneficial to the intestinal flora and the immune system. They are mainly found in yogurts. Prebiotics are the food of the microbiota which it promotes growth; it is found in oat bran fibers, legumes, chicory, and some fruits, and so on.

Some drugs disrupt his balance

Antibiotics kill most bacteria, both good and bad. The antacids or more precisely the antisecretory ones, by decreasing the protective action of the acid against the bacteria, let pass microorganisms which interfere with the microbiota present. " FYI: Vaccinating children and not giving them drugs preserves the future of their microbiota "the specialist continues.

A well-balanced microbiota promotes weight loss

Microbiota abnormalities have been found in obese individuals but it is not known if they are the cause or the consequence. It has also been shown in mice that the modification or correction of certain abnormalities can reduce obesity. But not in humans. It is therefore advisable to ensure a balanced diet before worrying about its microbiota.

Microbiota transplantation is today a treatment

It's both true and false. Fecal transplantation, to date, has only one indication: Clostridial colitis. For all the rest, there are ongoing trials, especially in Crohn's disease, rectocolitis and functional colopathy. However, changing the microbiota remains an interesting therapeutic area.

And the microbiome?

In 2018, we celebrated the first world day of the microbiome. It is formed by all the bacteria, viruses and yeasts that live in equilibrium with the organism and the environment in which it lives; we talk about cutaneous microbleeds, intestinal or pulmonary depending on the organ where all these microorganisms live.

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