7 minutes to shorten his bangs at home

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7 minutes to shorten his bangs at home

2 minutes to smooth

Use a dryer and an iron, so that your bangs are perfectly stiff. Indeed, if it is wet, wavy or curly, it risks being too short and irregular once dry.

2 minutes to separate

With a fine comb, trace a straight line in the middle of the skull. Isolate your bangs with the comb by defining a triangle on the scalp. Place this triangle of hair in the front of the face then attach the rest of the hair with an elastic band.

2 minutes to cut

Bring together your bangs between the eyebrows pinching it between the index finger and the thumb. With the other hand, cut the hair protruding from the fingers by placing the scissors horizontally.

1 minute to retouch

Let go of the bangs and make some retouches by placing this time the scissors vertically and performing small "pickings".

The trick in addition

To obtain a net result, uuse hairdressing scissors with straight branches, not paper or nail scissors.

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