7 mistakes that we all make when we get nails

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7 mistakes that we all make when we get nails

1 / Cut his cuticles

This small skin at the base of the nail is very fragile and especially very permeable. By cutting it, you risk infection. Just moisturize with a drop of nourishing oil and push it back very gently with a wooden stick.

2 / Do not apply basic

We did it all: a little in a hurry, we skip this step to go directly to the nail polish. Not only, the varnish may not hold wellbut in addition you risk yellowing your nails.

3 / Lime your nails in a movement back and forth

By filing your nails from right to left, you favor their duplication. File them always in the same direction not to damage them.

4 / Apply polish on oily nails

Before applying the nail polish, be sure to have your hands perfectly dry and the nails devoid of fat. Indeed, on oily nails your manicure could take a lot less time. Book this moisturizing step for a day without polish.

5 / Apply too many layers of varnish

To obtain a perfectly opaque color, some go as far as three layers of varnish. With the base and the top coat, so it's five layers! Not only, the drying time is multiplied by three, but in addition you risk getting an uneven and rough result. On the contrary, wipe the brush well before laying and stretch the material well on the nail. Two layers of color are enough for an optimal result.

6 / Fluidify your varnish with solvent

This is the trick that we all tried one day: add a little solvent to give life to its varnish too dry and pasty. Result: the texture is more liquid certainly, but the rendering is less brilliant and especially much less resistant. To prolong its life, opt for a real thinner for varnish.

7 / Use a cotton swab to catch the burrs

Not only are cotton swabs not environmentally friendly, but they can also damage your manicure by leaving fibers behind. Prefer a lip brush that dive into the solvent and apply on the misfires.

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