7 questions to ask your beautician before hair removal

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7 questions to ask your beautician before hair removal

1 / What care before and after hair removal?

BeforeTo depilate an area, it is very important to properly to prepare. For this, you can perform a gentle scrub one to two days before: this will allow you to get rid of dead cells and is very useful for removing ingrown hairs. Another care to do before hair removal: hydrate the area daily to keep the soft skin.

Hydration with a cream, a balm or a oil is also recommended after the session of hair removal to bring comfort and softness to the epidermis.

2 / How long does the hair grow to regrow?

If your beautician uses wax, they should put about three weeks before pointing the tip of their nose again. But this can vary depending on the people and their hair.

3 / Can we delay regrowth?

Yes, but in a certain measure. At first, delaying regrowth means preparing your skin well. exfoliating any hair under skin and epilate on a good base. In a second step, it is necessary to use adapted care You can find creams in the trade that specialize in regrowth, or use sage oil, known to delay the growth of hair.

4 / How long does the session last?

It all depends on the area to be depilated. If it is a simple interview eyebrows, the session can last 5 to 15 minutes. But if the expert epilates you whole legsyou will spend an average of 30 minutes lying in the institute. For a simple jersey, it will take you about 15 minutes, and up to half an hour for a full jersey.

5 / Can one apply self-tanner immediately after?

The self-tanner is very handy for showing a tanned complexion without being exposed to the sun. If it is possible to apply after waxing, it is best to wait for the skin to regain its normal color, that is to say that redness disappeared before putting the product to avoid any risk of tasks.

6 / Do I have to wait until my hair is very long before making an appointment?

So that the wax can to hang the hairs and remove them, they must be quite long: a few millimeters at least. But if you leave too much push your hair, it may make your hair removal session more painful! This is also why some beauticians first cut the hair too long.

7 / Can I expose myself to the sun just after?

After a session, the skin is fragile and redness occurs where the hair follicles have been torn off. That's why it's not recommended to you expose to the sun in the hours that follow. It is also important to protect yourself with high SPF sunscreen before exposing yourself if you want tan without damaging your skin.

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