7 tips to make your beauty products last longer

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7 tips to make your beauty products last longer

1 / My mascara has dried

Two solutions: one to help you out one morning where you do not have time to run to the store, the other to extend the life of your favorite mascara for a week.

- For thin the material the time to make up, you simply need to dip the bottom of the tube into a bowl of hot water. The formula will be softened, but the black or colored pigments will not be altered.

- To dilute the mascara, add a drop of oilAlmond in the neck, then shake. No need to try with water, it evaporated quickly, and the next day you will be back to your starting point.

The council of the pro: pour prevent your mascara from drying out, do not pump the material back and forth through the tube with your brush. You will have no more on the brush, since the neck plays the role of wiper. By only taking out your brush once, there will be no air in the tube and your mascara will remain fluid longer.

2 / My varnish is too pasty

- You always have the solution to immerse your bottle in a glass of hot water to thin it. Do not worry, it will have no effect on the color or the performance of your polish.

- Plan B: add one drop of remover. But beware, without acetone if you want your colorful manicure to last more than a day.

3 / My red stick is broken

We all experienced this drama. Do not rush to throw it ... or stick it back.

- Lock it up in a plastic box that you will leave an hour in the fridge the time that the material hardens. It will be easier to repair, and as a bonus you will not have red full fingers.

- With the flame of a lighter, heat slightly the stick at the point of breakage to soften the material.

- Immediately remove the broken end piece from the one remaining in the case.

- Put everything back in order to consolidate the repair. Then, do not be afraid to support makeup, your lipstick will be like new.

The trick of the pro: not to alter the color of your stick of red, in contact with the acidity of the saliva deposited on the lips, prefer the use of a brush for the application.

4 / My eyeshadow is broken

Do not panic ! First, put the pieces of the puzzle back in the palette. Then, with a brush moisturized makeup70 ° alcohol, sweep the area of ​​the break. While evaporating, the alcohol goes tie up the pieces and unify the surface. Your makeup will be like new.

5 / My foundation is too thick

To make it smoother and easier to work on your skin, mix it up with the equivalent ofa grain of rice makeup base. You can add it to either the hazelnut foundation found in your hand, or directly in your bottle.

Same for the compact foundation ! Drop a droplet of base on your sponge.

6 / The powder of my blush has dried

It happens more often than you think, because each time you brush it with your brush, you drop a layer of sebum from your face during makeup. Over the course of uses, sebum waxes the makeup and stiffens it.

Simply scratch the surface from time to time blush, to remove the hard film and find the powder part.

7 / The mine of my pencil broke

Alas, once broken, apart from cutting, there is no solution. By cons in prevention for the next pencil, think about wrap small elastics at each of its ends. They will serve as dampers when he falls. The elastics will touch the ground, but not the pencil whose mine will remain intact.

Thanks to Max Herlant, makeup artist France Yves Rocher.

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