8 hairstyle mistakes that make us look older

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8 hairstyle mistakes that make us look older

1 / The apparent roots

This is the false hair step to avoid when you want to rejuvenate his features. To avoid the regrowth effect between two colorings, use a tinted spray or color retouching roots. Hair style, play with the accessories (headband, scarf, barrette) to divert the attention and slightly camouflage the area to retouch.

2 / The split ends

Dry, brittle hair makes the hair look healthier and the complexion duller. To restore their brilliance, regularly use restorative and nourishing care based on vegetable oils and butters or keratin. Also remember to regularly cut your tips at the hairdresser, ideally every two or three months.

3 / The refined lengths

Your hair tends to thin on the lengths and ends? Shorten your cut a few centimeters, without degrading or taper. This will allow you to find a solid and voluminous matter. What to give more pep to your face and avoid appearing a few years older.

4 / White hair

If they are not well maintained, white hair can age the face. There are several tips to highlight them without coloring them. You have salt and pepper hair? Ilightly light up your hair by partially bleaching. You have white hair: make an outstanding care to boost their radiance.

5 / Neglected hairstyles

After 40 years, neglected hairstyles will make you look older. Opt for chic layouts and if possible make soft brushings to give more flexibility and shine to your lengths. Avoid wavy effect texturizing sprays or dry shampoos that will reduce the shine of your hair.

6 / The too intense colorations

Jet black, platinum blonde, flaming red ... very intense coloring can, after the forties, harden the facial features and bring out its small flaws. To look younger, opt for soft and natural tones: a chestnut, a coppery brown or a sunny blond.

7 / Do not want to go to court

If your lengths are too damaged, prefer shorten your hair by a few centimeters rather than keeping long or medium-length hair in poor health. Opt for example a pretty pixie cut or a boyish cut. Keep a little volume on the top of the head and the front of the face so that the hair marries the oval.

8 / Do not protect your hair from the sun

Exposed to the sun, the hair becomes more rough, brittle and dull. The color can even turn yellow or green. To avoid this, apply a protective oil on the lengths and ends before each exposure and after each swim. In the evening, apply a repairing care on the whole of the hair and let it pose about ten minutes.

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