8 indispensable after-sun reflexes

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8 indispensable after-sun reflexes

1 / Rinse salt and filters gently

When drying in the sun, salt "sucks" water from the skin causing feelings of discomfort and tightness. As for the filters, they are mostly water-resistant, so a simple rinsing at the beach is not enough to eliminate them. Eventually, they accumulate and smother the skin. During your evening shower, use shower gels micellar to capture residues effectively, or oil-based cleaners that have the ability to dissolve filters well.

Good actions: Moisten the skin. Emulsify the shower gel once. Rinse and then soap again, this time with circular massage movements all over the body to take off the salt and filters.

2 / To calm the warm ups

Apply a formula after Sun the evening is a vital reflex because it not only relieves possible sunburn but also compensates for the acceleration of the insensible loss of water that the skin undergoes when exposed for a whole day. How? With milks or gels mouthful ofmoisturizing and regenerating ingredients like aloe vera or glycerin, but also soothing and anti-inflammatory, such as bisabolol.

The good gesture: Think of place the after-sun product cool to provide an extra soothing effect at the time of application. Apply generously to the entire face and body and thicker layer where the skin has been sensitized, the shoulders and upper back, for example.

3 / Repair hair after exposure

The sun is far from being an ally for the hair: UVA has a weakening effect which makes the hair fiber brittle. UVB, in turn, causes surface damage. Result: the hair becomes dull and dry. Add to that, salt or chlorine and the lengths end in the summer rough and forked. To limit these phenomena, only one word of order: repair. To you the masks ultra-nutritious to fill up with nourishing and softening active ingredients like calendula extract, vegetable oils or butters, like cupuaçu or jojoba wax.

The good gesture: Rinse hair with clean water, shampoo. Squeeze a maximum because the active masks do not penetrate wet hair. Apply the wick locks treatment by massaging the hair from the tip to the root. Once a week, leave the mask on for 15 minutes under a damp, warm towel for a deeper treatment.

4 / Scrub the neckline carefully

Often neglected, the neckline requires special attention in summer, at the risk of returning with the famous "pleated sun" (marked vertical wrinkles) or spots. Indeed, this area is particularly fragile because the skin is thinner. It undergoes the full whip the effects of the UV, and on it, the acceleration of the aging that they generate is seen more quickly. The application of your anti-aging care on the face helps to limit these harmful effects, but the scrub is also an important key during the summer because it boosts the actions of the ingredients of the cream.

The good gesture: If you can settle forExfoliate the body once a weekfor the cleavage, the pros recommend to do it twice to properly eliminate dead skin. Choose gentle formulas, perform moist skin scrub with light, ascending circular movements.

5 / Limit the appearance of signs of age

Exposure to the sun is not simply synonymous with sunburn. UV and especially UVA accelerate the aging of the skin. First by increasing the rate of free radicals in the skin (an aggression that can sometimes last almost 24 hours after exposure) but also by attacking collagen and elastin. On vacation, apply after the day of tanning a facial cream formulated with both powerful antioxidants and restorative ingredients such as micro-algae, is therefore an important youth reflex.

The good gesture: Spread a dab of cream in the palms of the hands. Lay the palms on the forehead, chin and cheeks, with light pressure and smooth the cream with upward movements.

6 / Avoid new spots

As cells age, they can sometimes function more anarchically. This is for example the case of certain melanocytes (which produce the pigment that tans), which, under the effect of the sun, synthesize too much melanin, forming brown spots on the surface of the skin. The first parade is the use of a sunscreen index 50 at the time of exposure. But you can also avoid their appearance with specific anti-stain serums based on brown algae or lightening agents such as papain.

The good gesture: Apply the care on the whole of the face, before the usual care, by insisting on the existing spots with a circular massage with the pulp of the index. Feel free to use these formulas on the dΓ©colletΓ© and the back of the hands.

7 / Intensely moisturize the face

The wind, the sun, the sea and the pool put the moisture level of the skin to a severe test. First visible sign: small fine lines that appear around the eyes and on the top of cheekbones. To prevent these marks from settling in time, apply each evening an ultra-thirst-quenching formula whatever your skin type. Often in the form of serum, it soothes the skin with ingredients that will allow it to better retain water but also prevent evaporation, such as hyaluronic acid or vegetable glycerin.

The good gesture: To boost the sensation of freshness and penetration of the serum, apply the care on the whole face, then mist it with a thermal water or a floral water, previously placed in the cool. Absorb the excess by dabbing the face with a tissue.

8 / Preparing the hair during the night

During prolonged exposures, the scales of the hair fibers open, weakening the hair. If the care to rinse repair the damage of the day, you can also act in prevention and limit this phenomenon by applying on the lengths and points specific night masks who will deliver fortifying assets such as jojoba oil or shea butter, for 8 hours.

The good gesture: on clean, dry hair, apply twice a week. Brush to spread, then twist or braid the hair, not too tight, and sleep with this hairstyle. Thanks to it, the hair undergoes less friction on the pillowcase, the assets stay longer on the fiber.

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