8 main trends of summer 2021

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8 main trends of summer 2021

Yulia Grintsevich-Sadovskaya – stylist-image maker, expert in creating an individual style

You can argue for a long time about how to assemble a summer wardrobe, what is better to buy by the summer of 2021, how to be stylish and modern, but in order to look as confident and comfortable as possible, it is first important to study the main trends of summer 2021.

Let’s take a look at the top trends in the fashion world, and find out which wardrobe combinations will be the most successful this summer!

In the fashion industry, 2021 marks freedom after the long grayness, closed borders and monotony of 2020.

And the trends of 2021 are based on: bright colors, light fabrics, open cutouts, loose fit and a minimum of tightness and borders.

So, the list of the main trends for the summer of 2021 includes:

  • Catchy color combinations
  • Lightweight translucent fabrics
  • Courage in everything: the micro-skirt trend
  • Pajama looks in everyday life
  • Crop Tops With Masculine Jackets
  • Comfortable and minimalist maxi dresses
  • Bright prints: from stripes to abstraction
  • Total look: images in one color scheme

Catchy color combinations

Remember the Pantone Colors of the Year 2021? Fashion designers go further!

This summer, you can be on trend by combining not only the main colors of 2021, but also any bright colors that you can find in your wardrobe.

The more unusual, brighter and more contrasting, the better! No frames, just freedom and boldness in colors! Orange with blue, red with green, lavender and yellow – choose what reflects your mood and you won’t go wrong.

Look for summer 2021
A bright look for cool summer weather
Yellow, purple and green are a great combination

Lightness and airiness – the trend of the summer season

Lovers of romance and light mystery, it’s time to choose a new delicate blouse or flowing chiffon dress. Translucent, airy fabrics are one of the most staple trends for summer 2021.

Shirts, blouses, dresses and chiffon skirts – everything that gives us lightness, femininity and romance. This season we choose both bright and pastel shades, and we are not afraid to combine them with tops and lace bras.

New for summer: chiffon blouse
Chiffon dress for summer 2021
Chiffon blouses with ruffles and ruffles are in fashion next summer
Chiffon dress with contrasting stripes
Fashionable chiffon dress for summer 2021
Emerald Chiffon Pleated Skirt for Summer 2021

Micro skirts are one of the main trends of summer 2021

The designers challenged courage and went for broke. Not just mini-skirts, but micro-skirts will become the top trend of summer 2021!

In the case of this trend, there is even no need to choose a bright color – the length will speak for itself: bold, catchy, stylish.

Let’s see how designers and celebrities offer us to be stylish in the summer of 2021 with a trend for micro length:

Look from Blumarine SS 2021
Look from Blumarine SS 2021
Stylish look for summer 2021
Yellow miniskirt paired with top and plaid shirt for Summer 2021
Bella Hadid in a mini skirt
Shirt combined with a mini skirt for summer

Pajama looks in everyday life

In 2020, many of us fell in love with home comfort and appreciated the privileges of being at home: here you work, and make coffee, and relax, and you don’t need to run anywhere. So the trend for pajamas has felt the fusion of these worlds – in 2021 we return to active life outside the home, taking home comfort and style with us!

Pajama looks are actively moving from the hearth to the streets, leaving an emphasis on comfort, uniqueness and boldness. Choosing pajama looks, we are not afraid to play with prints and styles, choosing only one pajama cut will be 100% hitting the trends of 2021.

Pajama style is in fashion this summer
Silk suits summer pajama style 2021
Orange Pajama Suit
Summer suit for women in pajama style
Suit for summer 2021
Silk Pajama Style Suit for Fashion Summer 2021
Women's white oversized pajama suit

Crop tops paired with masculine jackets

The fashion for masculine jackets with its unusual combinations is loved by many! And this is understandable, because the play on contrasts adds femininity and in a special way attracts lovers of oversize and elegance.

Tops with jackets are stylish, bright, relevant! Whether it’s bandeau tops that highlight only a strip of fabric on the body, or lace bras paired with chunky jackets, it’s up to you. But rest assured, the crop top and oversized jacket will be at the top of the trends for summer 2021, and many of us can easily highlight our sophistication and love of freedom.

Juicy, contrasting and very modern!

Crop top for fashionable summer
White crop top and white summer suit
Crop top combined with bicycles and a jacket
White Crop Top and Velvet Suit for Urban Fashionista
Crop top in black
New for Summer 2021: Crop Top

Maxi dresses are now about comfort and minimalism

Any kind of fashion: both extravagant, and controversial, and inconvenient, and of course, it can be comfortable.

Comfort as a trend of the season is gaining momentum – now maxi dresses should be chosen in such a cut as if nothing can bother you. Light, free, spacious. We add accents to the images with accessories and jewelry.

There are no frames or constraints in summer clothes – we give ourselves freedom! We choose what will add convenience, and boldly enjoy the trends of summer 2021 – now simplicity is stylish.

Oversized white maxi dress
New for summer 2021: maxi dress in coffee with milk
Blue ruffle dress on urban fashionista
Emerald green maxi dress 2021

Bright prints: from stripes to abstraction

The most trending summer 2021 prints: stripes and abstraction.
Abstraction – bright, contrasting, pretentious. Choose bold and unusual combinations. This summer, prints can be both the basis of your look and an addition in the form of a scarf or an unusual bag.

In addition to abstraction, the trends of summer 2021 include prints in the form of stripes. More colors, more color combinations! A strip of any format and width: – we experiment and enjoy our own courage and brightness.

Designers and bloggers are at the same time on this issue, and show us a wide variety of examples of combinations:

Summer striped suit
Openwork summer maxi dress in fashion in summer 2021
Multicolor striped dress
Stylish summer suit with geometric print
Summer Geometric Print Trench Coat
Summer 2021 printed bag

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Trendy jewelry spring-summer 2021

What to wear jeans with

Summer printed tote bag
Maxi print skirt

One color look – the elegant trend of summer 2021

If you really stand out, then stand out for simplicity and elegance, and this is the most important thing to know about total look – images in one color scheme.

Total looks are not just a great solution for adding grace and femininity, such solutions perfectly emphasize the figure, making it very light and sophisticated. Look for any color scheme, from the brightest colors of 2021 to pastels and soft hues. It will help you stand out and look super stylish this season!

One color look for summer 2021 outings
Purple Pants and Lilac Blazer looks
Monochrome look for summer 2021

Yulia Grintsevich-Sadovskaya, stylist-image maker

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