8 secrets for a perfect manicure

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8 secrets for a perfect manicure

1 / Get off to a good start

The secret of an exemplary nail polish? In the first place, apply it on nails own and defatted with alcohol at 70 ° C. Then lay a base, essential to prevent the pigments of the colored varnish to soak in the nail and see it turn yellow. Choose the formula according to your needs: neutral, smoothing if your nails are streaked, hardening if they are soft or spray if you are in a hurry.

2 / Find the right nude

A natural tone, be it beige, brown or rosé, is a sure bet in terms of varnish, provided you choose the right shade. The ideal? A shade slightly darker than your complexion. On light skin, prefer warm shades (with sub-tones yellow or apricot), softer, because cold colors (with a hint of pink or mauve) may highlight the imperfections of the hand. The matte skins can draw from the entire palette of nude tones. For a natural effect, prefer lacquered finishes and avoid iridescent or pearly varnishes.

3 / Play with bright colors

Have fun according to your desires, but choose flattering colors for your complexion. If your hands are prone to redness, avoid bright reds. If you have visible veins, forget the intense blues, and all the shades containing a hint of blue like fuchsia. If you want a good-looking effect, prefer warm tones. Finally, to boost the intensity of colors, do not hesitate to apply a layer of white varnish base.

4 / Make a perfect pose

So that the color of the varnish is homogeneous, the laying of two layers is essential. The first, fine, serves as a primer. She does not need to be perfectly regular. After one minute, apply the second coat, slightly thicker and flawless. Start with the center of the nail then put the varnish on the sides. It is essential to allow to dry at least 20 minutes. Finish by a very thin layer of top coat. And as the varnish actually takes several hours to dry, avoid putting it down before going to bed, otherwise it's the mark on the sheets!

5 / Make the color last

A varnish that peels or jumps is often the result of a shock on the edge of the nail. Think of apply your top coat also on this area to "seal" the color.

6 / Protect the skin

If you have trouble applying your varnish without overflowing, put some moisturizer on the edges of the nail using a cotton swab. The varnish will not stain the skin.

7 / Speed ​​up the drying

After applying your top coat, place a drying drop on each nail to boost the process. You can also pass your nails under cold waterbut only when the varnish has already begun to dry.

8 / Prefer a mild solvent

To eliminate the pigments without attacking the nail, say goodbye to solvents based on acetone. Prefer solvent oils or natural solvents based on biobased ingredients.

Thanks to Solange Momo, Marketing Manager Mavala.

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