8 things you probably do not know about wrinkles

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8 things you probably do not know about wrinkles

1 / Stress, tobacco and sun accelerate the aging of the skin

Under pressure, the body releases cortisol (the stress hormone), a source of inflammation of the skin tissue and collagen degradation, while slowing the microcirculation of the skin. Hence the need, to lift the foot. Ditto for tobacco and sun, enemies n ° 1 of the skin to banish. We adopt good reflexes, using sunscreens adapted and avoiding exposures between 11h and 15h.

2 / Oily skin is less prone to wrinkles

Sebum, secreted in excess, forms a barrier against skin dryness. The epidermis is also thicker and elastic. Consequence: wrinkles appear less fast and are fewer. However, it is important to use anti-aging care formulated for oily skin, it tends to subside with age.

3 / A healthy plate for healthy skin

Diet plays a crucial role in health and skin aging. We therefore favor varied and balanced meals, rich in vitamins A, E and C, fatty acids (fish, rapeseed oil ...) and trace elements (copper, magnesium and zinc) to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

4 / Poor circulation promotes the appearance of wrinkles

When the microcirculation is impaired, oxygen and nutrients essential for the vitality of skin cells are less well routed. We must stimulate it if we want to delay the appearance of the signs of time, thanks to appropriate care, facial massages and foods stimulating venous return.

5 / The contour of the lips is the part of the face most prone to wrinkles

Particularly thin zone, little provided with sebaceous glands and enormously solicited, the contour of the lips betrays the signs of the age quickly. So we take care to exfoliate gently and regularly, with care specially formulated for this area.

6 / A quality sleep slows the signs of time

It has been shown that too short nights accentuate dark circles and wrinkles. The ideal sleep time? Between 7 and 8 am For a fast asleep and a restful sleep one favors a relaxing environment and one banned the screens at the time of going to sleep.

7 / The menopause impacts the aging of the skin

The fall of hormones such as estrogen or progesterone, occurring during menopause, significantly changes the quality of the skin. To maintain a radiant complexion, we change our beauty ritual, and we turn to treatments specifically formulated for mature skin.

8 / Wrinkles, it's genetic

Our genes partly determine the quality of our skin. But the hygiene of life and the good gestures also have a primordial influence. A healthy diet, less tobacco, stress and sun, accompanied by appropriate care, make the difference.

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