9 ways to wear a denim skirt

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9 ways to wear a denim skirt

Denim clothing continues to remain not only relevant, it is at the peak of popularity in 2021 and 2022. At the autumn-winter shows in New York, Paris, Milan and London, denim skirts, dresses, jackets, overalls and, of course, jeans presented a huge number of fashionable houses.

Denim skirt combined with a blouse

Ines de la Fressange argued that “jeans are like salt: good for everything.” We would summarize a little – not only jeans are like salt, but everything that is sewn from denim. And skirts – short, long, A-line and pencil skirt – in the fall, winter and spring of 2022 may well be measured against jeans in popularity.

How to wear a short denim skirt

In short:

  • With a classic shirt made of cotton, viscose or linen
  • With a chunky knit jumper or sweatshirt
  • Denim jacket or blazer;
  • With a top or T-shirt made of jersey, viscose, chintz, thin linen or cotton.
Short denim skirt combined with a shirt / sweater

Short denim skirt combined with a shirt / sweater

Yes, yes, a jacket, like a sweatshirt and a shirt, may well be longer than a skirt:

Denim mini skirt combined with a jacket / blazer

Denim mini skirt combined with a jacket / blazer

As you can see, only two colors in the image are enough to make this very image look spectacular:

Casual looks

Denim short skirt and sweatshirt

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How to wear a denim midi skirt

Perhaps, mid-length denim skirts are now more popular than mini skirts. Depending on the time of year, you can wear them with:

  • With a knitted top;
  • With a denim shirt of the same or any other color;
  • With a T-shirt;
  • With a blouse with large flounces.

Almost any footwear will fit, starting with flip-flops, clogs and ugly shoes and ending with high boots.

How to wear a denim midi skirt in summer

One of the synonyms for contrast is difference. An image built on contrast just can’t look boring. Of course, blue and black cannot be called complementary colors, but images, in which there is one bright and black, turn out to be contrasting

Denim midi skirts

Whatever you wear, try to use the 2×2 principle. Its essence is that you pair anything – the texture of the fabric, color, print or the shape of the accessories. A T-shirt in any basic color – black, white, gray or beige – can be considered a background or, if you like, a canvas. Denim skirt in summer: what to wear

Sneakers worn with a denim skirt with a T-shirt look more than appropriate:

Denim skirts and sneakers

Sneakers or martins boots will also work, see photo:

What to wear with a denim skirt: casual looks

How to wear a denim skirt in fall 2021 or spring 2022

In the nineties, for some reason, it was customary to tuck sweaters inside. If your sweater, sweatshirt or hoody is not too tight, and the skirt has a high waist, feel free to do the same, see photo:

A-line denim skirt

Actually, why do we write such reviews and spend hours choosing illustrations for them? – Of course, to be inspired by photos and create similar images, but only our own. We have even developed for you a clear algorithm for how to look no less stylish in clothes from a shopping center / boutique than our models. So, do the following:

  • Go through your wardrobe and create ready-made looks – based on your denim skirt;
  • Check out the photos for this material;
  • Download the images you like so as not to get lost and not forgotten;
  • Write a list of things or accessories that need to be purchased in order to create this or that image.

A line skirt and denim pencil skirt

In autumn, winter and spring, replace a T-shirt with a blouse, shirt or swishot and match accessories and jewelry to your image: they and only they can personalize your image.

Denim Skirt and Black Sweater looks

Denim skirt combined with a sweater

Images based on a denim skirt and a shirt or T-shirt are hard to ruin. We understand that nothing impossible here simply does not exist, but we also know that this is not about you.

Looks with a denim skirt for fall and spring

It is better to wear a cropped jacket with a trapeze skirt, see the photo on the left:

Images for autumn and spring.  Denim skirt

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Denim skirt combined with a shirt / sweater

How to wear a long denim skirt

Long denim skirt with cutout or buttons

Long denim skirt with cutout or buttons

What to wear with a denim skirt for plus size girls

Almost all of the above applies to girls with curvaceous forms, but still the ideal style of the skirt is a pencil skirt knee-length or slightly below:

Girls of appetizing forms will be good in a denim pencil skirt

Girls of appetizing forms will be good in a denim pencil skirt

  • With a classic blouse in minimalist style
  • With a loose knit top that reaches to the start of the thigh line.

Based denim skirt capsule sets can be made in a wide variety of styles. As an example, we will give the following:

Romantic style and denim mini skirt looks

Short denim skirt with romantic blouse

Short denim skirt with romantic blouse

Add to short denim skirt with buttons blouse with floral print and ruffles. You will also need a small bag or clutch made of denim or with a delicate floral unobtrusive pattern and romantic graceful jewelry. And will bring a sporty touch to all this flower kingdom with comfortable shoes at a low speed, of a suitable shade.

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What to wear with slip-on sneakers

Denim Midi Pencil Skirt and Classic Style looks

How to wear a denim pencil skirt

How to wear a denim pencil skirt

On the basis of such a skirt, you can create two quite classic sets, one for relaxation and the second for business meetings and work. The first one sets in a relaxed mood with pastel shades, for example, coral and peach, and bright accessories. The second has a strict fresh color scheme and print, and is diluted with accessories of restrained forms, but with bright color accents.

Actually, a laconic image in a classic style is also an excellent choice.

Classic style look

To bring the look to life as in the previous photo, wrap a twilly scarf with a print on the handle of the bag:

Denim Pencil Skirt and Black Turtleneck looks

Long and short denim skirts and boho style

Boho Style and Denim Skirt looks

Boho Style and Denim Skirt looks

A boho chic set can be created both on the basis long denim skirt with straight or asymmetrical flounces and fringes, and with the help denim mini skirt with embroidery or stuffed ethnic ornament. For both options, a top in the form of a knitted or lace top is perfect. You can choose a knitted or knitted cardigan to create the effect of layering and warming. Low-speed or wedge-heeled sandals are suitable as shoes, and accessories (bags, jewelry) are better to choose according to the principle “there are no many details in boho”.

For an authentic boho look, your denim skirt should be made of soft denim as shown:

Light blue denim skirt for a boho look

In conclusion, we add that the topic of denim is extremely extensive, and we covered the options for combining the classic model of a denim skirt in the more familiar blue and light blue colors that suit almost all color types. However, for denim skirts black, brown, gray, in general, the same ways of combining them with things are suitable, given the correct selection of color combinations.

Black denim best combined with white and with pure bright shades of blue, red, yellow, green. Such contrasting combinations are suitable for the Winter color type.

Denim gray will also look good with white and with pastel shades of any color. Suitable for Summer and Spring color types.

Brown and beige denim goes well with warm colors: yellow, orange, red, and also with white. Suitable for the Autumn color type.

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