+97 Chidas Love Images with Phrases and Messages to Dedicate

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+97 Chidas Love Images with Phrases and Messages to Dedicate

Dedicating to the person you love an image of love that you like is a very difficult decision because you want me to say the correct love phrase in those words.

That's why in this great compilation of chidas love images I made originals to share with you you can download the one you like for free and surprise the beloved person of your dreams with beautiful dedications.

Always remember that the important thing about this type of photos or romantic cards is that they have that personal aggregate that you want to express to them, those internal feelings that you have that provokes you just by thinking about him or her.

It is a wonderful thing and that in the past love letters were the means by which he expressed himself at a distance and very timidly what a lover felt.

But now everything changes and with these images you can express what you feel by sharing your words and thoughts on the wall or on the Facebook profile or simply by a whatsapp message that you send saying what you feel.

Chidas images to download

chidas images of love with phrases

Chidas images of love to dedicate

  • I love so much when you tell me that you love me more.
  • Just thinking that I have you next to me is the engine of my body to continue doing the things I do for you.
  • When I am alone during the day I only sent you this message and I know that you will tell me I love you to continue believing that I am always accompanied.
  • Discovering that you will always surprise me with such sweet answers is what makes me fall in love with you in every moment.
  • Only you and I know what happened, what happens to us and what will continue to happen to us no matter what the outsiders say.
  • I love you my love but don't ask me why I love you because it is like wondering why I live in this life.
  • I wake up thinking about you and I fall asleep dreaming of you in a life together that step by step becomes a reality.
  • Promising you that I will love you all my life is something I can assure you and not fail you.

cool love tumblr images

  • Only a kiss can change our destiny and your lips caused that in me when I can taste them fully.
  • If you smile, I can realize how much I need to kiss you right now.
  • I can't stand being away from you but I understand that life is sometimes not fair to what one feels, I just need to tell you that I love you madly.
  • If you have time to get over it then give it to me to make you happy in those hours that you waste.
  • I'm thirsty for your love so I need you to fill my cup of passion to be able to hug you without ever letting go.
  • I LOVE YOU!! and I can't stop expressing it every time I talk about you.
  • I need to know what the spell you made me was that in every conversation I have with my friends your name appears in each sentence.
  • Your love makes me feel so full of energy that you are my vitamin that I need daily to be happy.
  • I miss your skin every morning I wake up, just feeling and caressing it makes me feel so full of joy and happiness that I can't describe it with these words.
  • Never change because without your flaws you would not be perfect for me.
  • Our hugs are like those caresses that surround you with such tenderness, passion and love that nothing can overcome it.
  • Saying "I love you" every morning is the most beautiful thing that can happen every morning and I want it to never end, pinching my arm I try to make sure it's not a dream.
  • I adore you and you are the only one who can light my way when the darkness of life becomes present and only you are the one who helps me overcome those obstacles.
  • I hired the best plastic artist to paint your face but he told me that there are no colors in this world to be able to paint you as beautiful as you are.
  • You ask me how I realize that I am dying to kiss you and the answer is simple, with just smiling at me that will be my maximum motivation to try those lips.
  • Telling you that you are my better half may sound cheesy, I know, but when I simply see that there is something that I need, I realize that you are the one who complements me and fills me with happiness.

cool love phrases

  • For me you are my goddess and I want to protect you, take care of you and love you all your life.
  • Spring is the whole year because I have the most beautiful flower radiant and with energy that transmits no matter that we are in winter.
  • I fell in love with you because in your touch I discovered that you not only caressed my body but that you even caressed my soul.
  • That aroma that I will never forget your skin is something that motivates me to see you again but above all that mouth that invites me to kiss you at every moment that is close to me.
  • I need to spend all your hours of the day to be with you.
  • Destiny is uncertain and I cannot assure what lies in my life, but I can assure you that it will happen that destiny will be with you.
  • I never thought about falling in love until you appeared, nor did I know what true love meant until you taught me.
  • I remember that he always said that love was something of stories and romantic novels that that was not real, now I realized that I was confused because you are real and you are the love of my life.
  • If distance separates us, all I can do is be present in every message that was sent to you every hour so that your memory does not forget me and you know that I will always be there even if we are far from each other.

phrases images chidas love

  • I still couldn't express with a phrase of love what my heart feels just by thinking of you, but I know what you provoke by just hugging you and feeling close to me.
  • I wanted to write you a love letter but only what I could say is "I love you," "I love you," "I need you."
  • I feel that I lack the air when you walk away and that I breathe again like a fish in the water when you kiss me.
  • The angels told me as a child that they were going to send me one of them to take care of me and without a doubt you are that guardian angel who takes care of me and protects me.
  • When they ask me what was the best thing that happened to me in life without hesitation, I say that knowing you was what allowed me to be so noble and fortunate for the rest of this life.
  • Throwing a pin into the ocean was the promise I made and that if someone found it I would stop loving you.
  • Do you know what my biggest fear is? That I wake up and you are no longer there by my side.
  • I want you to remember these words for the rest of your life, because I express them to you with my greatest feeling from my soul and record them with fire in your heart so that you know that I love you.
  • My heart begins to burn every time I see you and that happens because the passion you generate is so immense that only a heart cannot contain it.

chidas de instagram facebook images

  • The blue prince of children's stories always seemed a bit naive to me but I realized that I am in a story because my prince appeared and we were happy forever.
  • During the night the moon illuminates me and during the day your love does the same.
  • I realize that you are arriving because your aroma is so pleasant that it captivates everything around you.
  • Your naivety is what drives me crazy and your beauty accompanies that madness.
  • The first kiss allowed me to know your deepest secrets.
  • You fan our love every time you look at me or call me without asking anything in return, only that I love you.
  • What does it matter to other women if I have eyes just for you.
  • I have to tell you that yesterday I had a wonderful dream and it was that we kissed with a lot of passion and it was so real that it was reality.
  • I wondered what good is it to keep waiting? if our mouths have the destiny of being with each other, causing fire on those lips and that the heart begins to beat faster and faster.

chidas images of love phrases

  • The first thing I do in the morning is to look for your hand to squeeze and caress it, ensuring in my mind that today will be an excellent day because you are there with me.
  • Before I was afraid of aging and death, since I met you that I don't care because I know that next to me will be the person I love most in this life.
  • If I can't see you today then I will feel like a desert that has no sand or an ocean without water, I need you!
  • The rain is the queen of the sky, the water is the queen of the sea, the fire is the queen of the ashes, the mountains are the queen of the earth, but you are the queen of my heart.
  • Remember these words in which I give you the key to my heart so you can take care of it and protect it for the rest of your life.
  • Yesterday night I felt that something was missing and it was your good night that you got used to me before going to sleep, never forget that you have someone who always thinks of you.
  • That noise you asked me when we were together where it came from I have to confess it to you now that it was my heart that was beating so hard because you were close to me and I couldn't control it.
  • Sometimes it is easy to say that passion and love can be controlled but when you fall in love with reality is that none of that is true and that you do crazy things for love that you would never have done if you were not in love.

chidas de amor princess hearts

  • I have the formula to accelerate time and that is when I am with you, hugging and thinking that our life is much better if we freeze that moment.
  • I have the definition of what happiness means and it is simply to love someone and that someone loves you. Thank you for teaching me the meaning of being happy.
  • Never stand next to the stars because they would be jealous to shine more than them.
  • I was in the darkest and deepest cave where I had a very bad time but I was lucky to find that light that you illuminated allowing me to leave it.
  • I will not die without telling you my true love for you and if I do it then in my grave it will say how much my heart loved you in silence.
  • When I find the key to open your heart I assure you that I will be the owner and leave all my secrets inside.
  • If you hadn't smiled at me when I met you then today we wouldn't be together. Thank you for looking at me and giving me that opportunity.
  • I want you to leave your past behind because I am not in it and I want to be part of your present and future, will you allow me?
  • If the destiny of our lips is to be together, why are we dilating so much time?
  • Sometimes I feel like a sailor who is adrift in the sea and that you are those waters that lead me the right way.
  • I cannot be very objective because love clouds my vision and I know that you are the most beautiful woman in my universe.
  • The changes in my life were many but mainly to know you and you give me your friendship that after being friends we were boyfriends, something wonderful that I will always have in my memories, when we gave that first kiss and now dream a life together, planning the future It's something that no fairy tale can overcome.
  • The intense love we have can overcome the strongest heat that burns your soul as well as the coldest ice cream that freezes your thoughts but that our intensity melts.
  • They say that between heaven and earth there is nothing but our love.

love chidas images i love you

Chidas de Amor images with beautiful phrases

  • I LOVE YOU! That's why I dedicate my world and everything around it so that you have it in your most precious heart.
  • Every morning I dedicate it to you so that you think how important you are to me and that I will always be by your side mainly in the most difficult moments.
  • I don't want to be like a simple summer love I want to be the love of your life.
  • I will never stop thanking everything you did and do for me, blessed be your love and your ability to love and care for me.
  • The best thing I do in this life is to dedicate all my time to make you happy.
  • Every thought I have appears an image of you in which I remember how important it was to be by your side I want to repeat it and see you today somewhere.
  • The flame inside me that felt that it burned me was simply to dream and imagine trying your lips.
  • As if I were a poet I want to dedicate these words to you as if you were my moon and I was the Earth.

love for facebook hello chidas images

Love images with cool phrases

  • They say that there is nothing sweeter than honey, but I assure you that for me after a kiss from you there is nothing sweeter to overcome.
  • When I was little I imagined that I could kiss a star in the sky, I think that from now on it reaches your lips I can say that I achieved my dream of kissing what was impossible for me.
  • When I look at the sea it reminds me of our love where you can see the beginning but you can never see the end.

Chidas de Amor images for my girlfriend and boyfriend

  • To make the trip to your heart I need you to guide me with your gaze that illuminates my path.
  • Will you let me taste your lips? Your aroma makes me curious to know what that mouth tastes like.
  • The first time I met you, I didn't really listen to you, but I was hypnotized by your beautiful smile that drew me closer and closer to your face.
  • I fell in love with you for who you really are and not for what you say you are.
  • When you see me smile, remember that you are the main reason for my happiness.
  • Before I met you they told me that love is not sought but that it appears unintentionally and that happened to me, you appeared in my life by chance and I celebrate it.
  • I may sound a little selfish, but I can't think of loving someone other than you.
  • You can't fake the love we feel and that's the most wonderful thing that happens to us.
  • To think that before you were my impossible love but reality became present and could more than a simple imagination. Thank you for this beautiful love we built together.
  • Although all my love is only for you, it's never enough and I need to hold you to feel my heart beat.
  • When night comes I begin to give each star a reason why I love you and I assure you that I lacked stars to tell everything I feel.
  • For me you are perfect because you have these imperfections.

cool love images for my girlfriend

  • Your innocence is what makes me most in love with you, I hope you never lose it to enjoy that naivete that dazzles me.
  • I recognize that sometimes I am not very expressive but I want you to know that I love you and I love you with all my heart, sorry if I do not tell you very often sometimes I think it is not necessary because it is obvious what I feel.
  • I am very clear that we are both in love but I need to tell you every morning I hope you do not mind expressing how much I love you.

Chidas images of Love and Heartbreak

  • I keep thinking How can I forget you one day? and I can't find an answer that gives me a solution because you set my soul on fire.
  • Letting you leave was the most difficult option of my life but I understood that sometimes it is not enough to just love someone.
  • The distance is a great obstacle that is making its bad intentions in our bond that is so strong that only time will tell how much longer it will endure.
  • The nights I spend crying are not enough to show you how bad it makes me separate.
  • My best way to love you is to let you leave.
  • If to be happy it is best that I move away from your side then I will comply but remember that I will always be in your life when you need me.
  • They say that loving you is a crime but I don't care much why I will assume that risk of being a criminal since the reward is to conquer all your love.

Cool images with Perron phrases

  • Although I dedicate these images of love with these beautiful short messages, none can overcome the true motive of what my whole being feels for you.
  • The only way I would not mind dying of cold in the morning would be that the breeze was similar to you.
  • In my past I met angels but none made me reach paradise as you do with me.
  • I don't have to write a very long letter or a romantic poem to tell you in two words what I feel for you, I love you.
  • I want to summarize what I feel for you but it just plays in my mind a LOVE YOU!
  • I swear that in order not to hurt me I try to be cold, calculating, planning how to handle myself when this front of you but my plans that I try so hard to act in front of you are disarmed when you approach me and you just kiss me or talk to me melting all the Calculations I plan to do.
  • I have an armor and an armor that nobody can pass and these I was putting together with time after many people hurt my heart but I realize that my strong shield is dismantled just by seeing that our love is getting stronger and logic has little to do with reality.

cool love images for my husband

  • Only the rain and the storm can cloud my vision but I know that what you feel for me can open like a light among the gray clouds marking the way to find you.
  • I dream asleep and awake in you, I no longer know when I am living the reality because in every dream your face appears and your presence always appears as the main protagonist.
  • I know that you love Jesus because he gave his life for so many people I wonder why don't you love me that I die thinking about you?
  • My life let me dedicate all this joy that I have and that you only provoke me with just smile and see you happy.

Laughing chidas images

  • Every time I am surprised how science and technology advance because even the most delicious chocolates generate love and transmit love.
  • If you hide in the dark I discover you by the light you radiate just by approaching me.
  • You always ask me why I wear sunglasses and that is why the light that comes out of your mouth dazzles me when I go to kiss you.
  • You are wild as the waves of the sea when they are chopped but they tame when my kisses reach your lips to calm that storm.
  • Sometimes I think you are the sugar and I am the coffee where I need you to sweeten my life.
  • I need to fill your lips with kisses as the flowers of the water of irrigation need so that this love continues growing.
  • You better start taking care of me because you have a lot of competition out there.

Chidas love images for mobile

  • No doubt you never met someone so good in bed before, I am an expert in staying many hours ... sleeping nonstop.
  • I am very independent and there is only one thing that can dominate me and it is sleeping in my bed until late.
  • I don't want to hold you back if you don't love me anymore you can go, turn around and break the padlock, jump the pit with crocodiles, climb the electric wiring and go swimming in the sea with piranhas.
  • Everything I'm looking for, you solve it for me, sometimes I wonder if I got a girlfriend with the Google search engine.
  • No matter the nights I am without sleep because I am chatting with you, that's why I went to buy two batteries to my cell phone so that our talk never ends.
  • There are people who are addicted to the sweet, others on the phone, others like the series very much, but I am addicted only to you.
  • Since I was little I was told that I was a little crazy but I already found the screw I was missing and that is you.
  • I have to tell you something very important my bed was lost and I need to sleep in yours tonight, will you let me?

Cool images for profile

  • What your look says is what you really want to do with me.
  • I have a big problem and the only solution is you.
  • I like difficult situations but I fall in love with the impossible.
  • As always I want the best for you so I want to be by your side always.

Chidas images for mobile

  • The best love poem is not the one who writes a famous writer but the one who writes a madman in love.
  • If your man cooks, it is certainly a treasure that you have to take care of, but if you also wash the dishes, keep it under seven keys because it is a unique diamond.
  • I ask you a question, do you believe in love at first sight or will it happen again later?

Love chidas images to draw

Finally to finish I leave these illustrations to draw that can be both for a paper and then get a tattoo with your beloved or loved, as simply to enjoy and draw to paint or color.

cool drawings images chidas images hearts images love chidas heart flowers Love Graffiti To Draw love coloring pages

I hope you can enjoy and share every cool love image with your phrases and messages, so you can spend a beautiful day with the person you love so much.

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