97 Hairstyles for First Communion 2020 Ideas with Style!

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97 Hairstyles for First Communion 2020 Ideas with Style!

Although the Communion outfit is important, knowing how to choose the right hairstyle can be the key to achieving a sensational look with which the princesses of the house captivate looks.

If you think that making a significant investment in the living room is the only alternative for your daughter to look stunning on this special day, this article will make you change your mind.

The first point that you should take into account before choosing the ideal hairstyle, is that it is comfortable and easy to carry so that the girl enjoys in a big way and looks beautiful throughout the day.

In addition, the perfect option must be versatile, original and easy to carry out.

Luckily, today I present you a list with proposals for Simple and pretty communion hairstyles that you can recreate yourself without trying too hard. Accompany me!

Hairstyles for First Communion on long hair

Long hair offers
great versatility when styling it, since it can be played with for
get elegant hairstyles or
which of course should go hand in hand with the dress and the look
end that you want to achieve.

In this regard, it is important to remember that less is more, and that the chosen style seeks to highlight the innocence of the little ones in the house.

Here are some interesting alternatives:

Communion hairstyle with mane to one side

If you want to highlight a completely simple look, it is possible to do a hairstyle with long loose hair, wearing the mane to one side and gently loop the ends.

It is a hairstyle that favors the girls with wavy and straight hair that have degraphed or layered cuts.

Communion Hairstyle for Girls with Melena Lisa

Among the favorite options are wearing the completely smooth mane, combed back and give a chic touch to the hairstyle by making very thin braids that are then interwoven and decorated with a shiny or floral applicator.

This option is ideal for girls with fine, long, straight hair.

hairstyles first communion straight braids

Communion Hairstyle with Root Braid

The traditional root braid It is still a favorite for the darlings who want to look fashionable in their Communion ceremony.

This hairstyle helps achieve a very fresh and sophisticated look and you can do it in minutes.

You just have to do this braid with all the hair and then interlace small natural flowers in it, it will look great!

first communion hairstyles braid root

Communion hairstyle with low ponytail

Another interesting hairstyle proposal for Communion is to make a low ponytail with all the hair and take it to one side, cover the rubber with a lock of hair and with the whole ponytail make a great loop that provides movement to the hair.

You can also add a little volume to the top of the head by carding the hair a bit.

first communion hairstyles low ponytail

Hair for Communion with Curly Hair

There is nothing better than letting the naturalness of girls steal your eyes, this time we propose that girls with curly hair allow their hair to play freely in the wind.

You can split it in the middle or to the side and place a headband on the forehead.

Finish off with a little serum so the curls look hydrated and you’re done.

hairstyles first communion curly headband

Hairstyles for First Communion collected

If the dress that your daughter will wear in her first communion is princess style, very vaporous and full of glamor, it will be wonderful to accompany it with a elegant updo hairstyle that brings distinction to the final outfit.

Best of all, you can choose between the classic options or bet on something much more modern:

First Communion hairstyle with a ballerina bun

To begin with, the traditional ballerina bow takes center stage, although it consists of a hair collected which is achieved with a foam donut, you can give it a fresher style by leaving a few strands loose, decorating with a click in the form of a bow on the side or on the back of the head.

You just have to be creative and create your own version of the classic.

First Communion hairstyle with bun and root braid

An alternative to the ballerina’s bow is to perform this same updo, but decorating it with a root braid that will go inverse, made from the nape to the base of the chongo.

It is a very ingenious idea that highlights the personality of the most flirtatious girls.

Another plus that is beautiful is decorating the collection with natural flowers on one side and leaving some strands free.

hairstyles first communion chongo braid root

First Communion hairstyle with high ponytail and strong curls

To enhance the elegance of the most delicate girls, this option that will go very well in long or medium hair, what you need is to make a high ponytail giving some volume to the hair and then with the help of the curling iron to form marked curls in the strands of the pigtail.

Now hold some curls with bobby pins accommodating them to your liking and you will have a Very sophisticated Communion hairstyle.

first communion hairstyles high ponytail curls

First Communion hairstyles with high bun

A nice option to achieve a collected elegant It is a very high bun, leaving some strands untied in the chongo, and as decoration add a braid that can surround the ballerina’s bun or simply start from the diagonal of the head to the base of the chongo.

You can choose one or another proposal depending on the girl’s hair length, but without a doubt, both will look beautiful.

elegant first communion hairstyles

First Communion Hairstyles with High Ponytail

If you are not very skillful at doing hairstyles, but you want to comb your girl with a sweet sweater to make her stand out in her Communion, do not hesitate to make her a very high ponytail that you can leave tight to make her look elegant or a little looser if you wish get a fresher finish.

As a chic touch try to make some waves along the ponytail.

The result is simple and angelic, you can complement with an accessory in the hair to give it that extra touch.

Half-up First Communion hairstyles

If you are looking to get a elegant hairstyle But you don’t want to create an overly elaborate style, semi-gathered hairstyles will be perfect to fill your daughter’s Communion outfit with charm.

They are extremely versatile hairstyles and can look as glamorous as you want, they are great for medium and long hair, regardless of whether they are straight, wavy or curly.

First Communion hairstyle with high ponytail and loose hair

The first is an unusual option that adds volume and a lot of style to the princess’s look.

To achieve this you must do a high ponytail leaving half of the hair loose, then you will have to create very marked waves with the iron throughout the hair and comb them to provide that armed touch inspired by vintage fashion.

Finish decorating the half ponytail with a bow.

vintage mono communion hairstyles 2

Girls’ First Communion hairstyle with locks

To get a tender and very simple final finish, try combing all the hair and taking two strands from the front to interlace them very subtly at the back of the head and decorate with flower appliqués combined with the colors of the dress.

You can also make light waves at the ends of the hair.

elegant first communion hairstyles flowers 1

First Communion hairstyle with waterfall braid

Another super cute style for girls with medium and long hair is to make a Waterfall braid with a portion of hair and leave the rest of the mane loose.

You can let the braid shine on its own or decorate it with little sparkly appliqués.

hairstyles first communion braid waterfall

East communion hairstyle It is perfect for girls with straight hair because its appeal will be to look completely natural without using an iron or curling iron.

First Communion hairstyle with loops and curls

The loops and corkscrews They could not be left out of this selection, so for this proposal you will have to make a roll with two frontal sections of the hair, interlace them in the back of the head and hold them very well with bobby pins.

On the rest of the hair that has been left loose, make curls well marked with or without heat.

first communion hairstyles loops corkscrews

If the girl’s hair is drawn, the effect will be magical.

Semi-sided First Communion hairstyle

So that the darling of the house is in the latest fashion, we suggest you put this semi sideways, ideal for long manes which results in a very elegant hairstyle.

Make a half ponytail on the side and the hair that has been left loose, fasten it with bobby pins to the side of the ponytail so that it does not move from its place.

first communion hairstyles semi-sided

Now make soft waves with the curling iron and decorate with appliques that can be flowers or pearls.

Hairstyles for First Communion with gathered low

This style suggests a not so produced but very glamorous look, the main idea is to wear the hair fully collected without recreating a bow.

This highlights the simplicity and harmony of a delicate outfit that will represent the purity of girls preparing to receive Communion for the first time.

Choose your favorite among these proposals and make your daughter look like never before:

First Communion hairstyles with a ballerina bun

Since the idea is that you yourself carry out these elegant hairstyles, we will start by proposing a traditional ballerina bow made in the lower middle part of the head and decorated with a pretty flower headband.

first communion dancer monkey hairstyles

The versatility of this hairstyle is that you can achieve it in a few minutes, it can be given a fresh touch by leaving some strands loose and it looks great on long and short manes.

Hairstyles for First Communion with quick and easy low ponytail

Continuing with the easy and beautiful alternatives, we include in the list a simple low ponytail that you can decorate with flower appliques in different sizes and in white to complement the dress and be in tune with the occasion.

To give the hairstyle more dynamism you can do the ponytail to one side and leave some loose strands with soft waves near the face.

First Communion hairstyles with donuts and braids

We continue with a very short chonguito that is surrounded by subtle braids and to give a touch of elegance to the hairstyle, finish with a tiara or a headband.

The hairstyle will be very harmonious and will highlight the natural beauty of the girl who wears it.

first communion hairstyles donuts braids

Remember that it is a religious event and the final look must be in accordance with the reason for the celebration.

Hairstyles for First Communion with braid and natural flowers

As expected braids continue to gain prominence as part of the communion hairstyles trend for next year and this time they are presented in a gathered low braided headband subtly decorated with natural flowers.

first communion hairstyles natural flowers

It is certainly a great bet if you are attracted by looks that combine the classic with the current.

Start practicing!

Hairstyles for First Communion with a low collected

East collected low You will have it ready in the blink of an eye and your baby will feel beautiful and comfortable throughout the ceremony.

You will need a headband preferably made with elastic, placed on the hair in the position you want and start to roll the entire length of the hair towards the inside of the headband in sections until there are no loose ends.

first communion hairstyles collected under

You will love the result.

First Communion hairstyles with braids

Braids are that classic that never goes out of style They are a synonym of femininity, elegance and joviality that makes them a true success when it comes to complementing the First Communion look of pampered princesses.

Of course, its great versatility is a plus that must be highlighted and that is why we propose the following styles with striking fabrics.

First Communion hairstyle with braids on two ends

You do not have to worry if you are not very skilled, to achieve this sweet communion hairstyle.

first communion hairstyles braids two ends

You only need to cut two strands from the front of the head and make some simple twisted braids that you will then join at the back of the head leaving the rest of the hair loose that will look very beautiful completely straightened.

First Communion hairstyle with traditional braids

To achieve a beautifully casual style, try making the two traditional braids by sectioning the hair in half and weaving each one without the need for them to be very neat.

At the end of them you can hold them with very attractive appliqué on the sides or decorate with a headband on the forehead.

first communion hairstyles two pigtails braids

It is also good to leave some strands loose and curl them a little.

First Communion hairstyle with two original braids

A very original version that will help you achieve an elegant collection is this option with two braids again.

Divide the hair in the middle horizontally, and in each half make a braid by pinching it gently to make it look bushy.

hairstyle first communion pigtail side braids

Now carefully arrange them and pass them to the other end forming a side ponytail with all the hair.

It is an easy and very daring alternative.

First Communion hairstyle with root braids

Another option that is 2020 communion trend is to do the two typical root braids with the division in the middle and just at the nape of the neck hold the ponytail without finishing braiding.

The hair of the pigtails should be loose and you can choose whether your baby will wear it straight, with mermaid waves or with very striking loops.

first communion hairstyles root braids

This is one of the simple hairstyles They favor girls with natural curly hair.

Hairstyles for First Communion on short hair

Your princess’ short hair doesn’t have to be an impediment for her to look fantastic elegant hairstyle of Communion.

These manes unlike what is believed offer great versatility and there are infinite options that you can do yourself without much effort.

All you have to do is be guided by your girl’s tastes and start testing simple hairstyles until you find the ideal:

First Communion hairstyle for short straight hair

When girls have very short and straight hair, the best way to make them stand out is by placing a flower crown on the mane.

In this quick and easy way your daughter will look radiant for her First Communion ceremony.

hairstyles first communion crown flowers

If you want to vary this hairstyle try with corkscrews or soft waves for a very romantic touch.

You will see that there is also style in practicality.

Easy and fast First Communion hairstyle

To make your task easier and leave aside the use of irons and tongs we propose leave hair natural and make two very thin rolls with the front part, then take them back and join them with a rubber band of the same hair color.

hairstyle first communion simple easy fast elegant

To add originality to the hairstyle add a headdress and your daughter is ready to shine.

First Communion hairstyle with low pigtails for short hair

The low pigtails They also look great on short hair, just make sure to cover the rubber with a lock of hair to give the finish more elegance, and just like the previous alternatives, liven up the design by decorating with a headband or crown.

first communion hairstyles low ponytail for girls

If your princess prefers appliques, you can also add them.

The idea is to transmit your personality to the look.

Semi-collected hairstyles for First Communion in short hairs

The semi-collected They also come wonderfully in short manes, in this case you will only have to do a half ponytail giving a little volume to the hair.

Then create subtle loops to the hair that has been loose without being too noticeable and finally add a headdress to give sweetness and sophistication to the outfit.

semi-updo hairstyles first communion short hair

This is a way to evoke elegance without overdoing it.

Angelic hairstyle for First Communion with braid in headband

Since braids are timeless they have also earned a place in Communion hairstyle options for short hair girls.

This time with a simple but angelic braid headband that you can accompany a curly, wavy or completely straight mane.

hairstyles first communion headband short hair

If you want to experiment, try doing two headband braids to give more dynamism to the result.

You dare?

Hairstyles for First Communion with veil

For the most elegant girls who want to look like little brides on their big day, there are also very attractive alternatives accompanied by glamorous veils.

In these cases it is sought that the hairstyle is less elaborate so that the veil becomes the main detail.

Get inspired by the ideas that I show you below:

Semi-updos with veil for First Communion

Veils often look really beautiful with semi-straight hairstyles It has volume in the upper part of the head, which is where the crown that supports them will be placed.

It is one of the favorite options since it looks very sophisticated but simple.

hairstyles with semi-gathered veil first communion 1

It combines perfectly with dresses that have fall, simpler, with a vintage but casual air.

Hairstyles for First Communion with veil and high up

For their part, elegant hairstyles with high gathered they accompany the veils that complement Communion outfits like a princess.

Highly armed and colorful, the girls are seen as out of a story full of sweetness, purity and great attitude.

First Communion Hairstyles High Up Elegant

The gathered bun can be completely smooth and slim or casual with loose strands.

Here there will not only be a protagonist.

Hairstyles for First Communion with veil and loose hair

In this section there is also a place for a completely loose mane with waves to the water or defined curls and a division of side or the middle that as a touch that adorns it and highlights a beautiful veil.

first communion hairstyles loose hair

This time the hairstyle seeks to highlight the warmth, naturalness and simplicity of childhood.

In addition, it can be ready in a few minutes and without requiring too many elements to achieve it.

Hairstyles for First Communion with veil and braids

The braids return to the ring, and they are stomping for the Communion season that is to come.

Now they can be seen with a subtle side braid in short hair specially decorated with a striking veil.

first communion hairstyles with veil braids

Without a doubt, it is a proposal that few expect to see despite its simplicity and that if you put it into practice it will make the little one of the house steal the attention.

Hairstyles for First Communion with veil on short hair

We continue with the proposals of Communion hairstyles with veil on short hair.

Here we can see a very short mane that moves naturally and is slightly wavy at the front to frame the face.

first communion hairstyles short hair girl

As the only complement to the hairstyle highlights the veil accompanied by a beautiful crown.

A variant of this style is to leave short hair completely straight.

Hairstyles for First Communion with tiara

No wonder girls want to look like real princesses on their First Communion day.

Therefore, they cannot be left out of this complete selection. simple hairstyles Decorated with a tiara, you will be surprised by its great versatility and everything you are capable of achieving in your daughter’s hair if you only give free rein to your creativity.

Check out!

Semi-Collected Hairstyles with Tiara for First Communion

And, the tiaras look super cute and go great combined with a simple outfit and also a sophisticated one.

Girls’ favorite this season is the semi-collected like a fairy tale princess.

first communion tiara semi-gathered hairstyles

Full of volume and lots of loops that features a delicate shiny tiara as the finishing touch.

Medium Low Up Hairstyles with Tiara for First Communion

Another option is a medium low updo hairstyle with a casual air revealing a few messy strands.

You can easily get this bun with the help of a foam donut and you can shape some locks with the iron.

First communion tiara hairstyles collected under

Finish with a nice tiara, which is not the protagonist of the look, but a complement to the hairstyle.

First Communion hairstyles with tiara and loose hair

Hair completely loose wearing cute waves to the water that are so fashionable today will be embellished thanks to the touch of shine that the tiara will bring.

In addition, you will achieve that this unique accessory becomes the protagonist of the hairstyle.

If your girl has a layered or V-cut, the waterfall effect will be wonderful.

first communion hairstyles tiara loose hair

First Communion hairstyles with tiara and bangs

When the girls have bangsThis alone helps to highlight the features of the face.

So it is good to leave the hair to the natural and decorate it with a tiara with flashes of color similar to the tones of the dress.

first communion hairstyles tiara bangs

You can try to bring all the mane to one side and fasten it with bobby pins so that it stays in place all day.

So your little one will stand out with a different style.

First Communion hairstyles with short wavy hair tiara

As a last alternative in this section, I propose an option for girls of short wavy hair.

You just have to comb it as your little one likes, it can be completely back, to the side, with the stripe in the middle and place the tiara firmly attached.

hairstyles first communion tiara short wavy hair girl

You can give the tips little waves as a romantic touch and thus highlight the shape of the cut that the girl is wearing.

Hairstyles for First Communion with flower crown

Flower crowns are that essential accessory in the Communion outfit, and as time goes by they will never stop being a trend.

One of its virtues is that they look beautiful with different types of hairstyles and can be made from fabric flowers, dry or natural to achieve a spring look and very romantic that will make girls dazzle.

First Communion hairstyle with flower crown and gathered low

To start, highlight a simple collected low It can be in the shape of a ponytail, or a ballerina’s chongo with some loose strands close to the face to highlight her delicate features and as an protagonist accessory an angelic floral crown.

hairstyle first communion flowers collected under

This is a hair collected which is ideal if the girl’s dress has some striking detail on the back that you want to show.

First Communion hairstyle with flower crown with waves

The mermaid style waves they appear again, and it is that they provide a most tender and romantic finish in the look of Communion of the princesses.

first communion hairstyle waves flowers mermaid

On this occasion, the long hair is split in the middle and is decorated by a beautiful wreath of wild flowers that can be thin or thick, taking into account the style of the dress and the tastes of the little girl who will wear it.

First Communion hairstyle with flower crown and side braid

How about you complement the flower crown with a carefree braid to the side?

It is a very beautiful style very appropriate for this religious event, it does not take much time to have the hairstyle ready and even so it looks very elegant.

first communion hairstyles side braid flowers

In addition, not only does it look pretty in long manes, also the long hair will benefit from the charm of this braid that you can make in the shape of a herringbone to make it look much more delicate.

First Communion hairstyle with flower crown and bows

The high bows They are also elegant collections that stand out if they have a flower crown around them.

You can play around with the style you want to achieve and make it look stylish or cooler and more casual.

hairstyles first communion monkeys flowers

If the dress is finished like ribbons and bows, choose a flower crown that bears the same colors.

You will see that it gives it a very chic touch.

First Communion hairstyle with flower crown and short hair

Very short and straight hair looks beautiful with just a flower crown as a complement, no need to try to enhance short hair with extravagant hairstyles.

hairstyles first communion short hair flowers 2

Remember the motto less, is more.

This time this simple hairstyle will be the one that will bring sweetness and a lot of elegance to the final outfit.

Hairstyles for First communion with headband and loose hair

Headbands like flower crowns are classics Communion accessories that fill with distinction the look of girls with more traditional tastes or even communicants who want to look fashionable vintage trend.

There are countless models and materials that give headbands a touch of originality that is renewed season after season.

Hairstyles for First communion with headband decorated with braid

In this first option we propose a elegant hairstyle and simple while combining a braid headband with a decorated headband with floral details in a long and very smooth mane.

First communion hairstyle decorated braid headband

Of course, this style can also be worn by girls with medium hair and natural curls.

Just make sure to add lots of volume to the hair to make it stand out and liven up the outfit.

First communion hairstyles with gathered braid headband

Continuing with the braids, we propose a hair collected Very discreet with a delicate fine headband to highlight the sophistication of this proposal.

hairstyles first communion headband braid collection

Ideally, girls who decide to wear this hairstyle have long hair to create the full braid around the head.

Ideal for a look inspired by the 20s.

Semi-updo hairstyles for First Communion with headband

Headbands also look spectacular with semi-gathered styles.

hairstyles first communion headband half ponytail

Here the proposal is to leave the hair a little below the shoulders, very natural, slightly wavy and create a very subtle half ponytail that intertwines with the headband ribbons.

Hairstyles for First communion with vintage headband

If you are definitely determined that your daughter wear a vintage outfit in her First Communion, you can not leave out this alternative with a headband on the forehead.

They are usually made from fabrics such as lace and carry some distressed looking flowers to give a rather old impression.

hairstyles first communion headband vintage flowers

Place them with the mane side or middle and leave some soft waves throughout the length.

Hairstyles for First communion with vintage headband

To finish, this complete list of ideas with versatile and beautiful hairstyles for the First Communion, we can not fail to mention an alternative of hairstyle for very short hair that can be worn even curly.

hairstyles first communion headband flowers side

It is the side headband, which is usually very thin with appliques or floral details on one side.

With these inspiring options you can choose with your little one the ideal hairstyle that will make her shine on her special day.

Time is running, so get down to work now.

It can shine on the forehead or on the hair.

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