99 photos, in women’s clothing

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99 photos, in women’s clothing


Fashion trends spring summer 2021 came with very bright and unusual looks. It is unlikely that even experts could foresee the fashion as it appeared at the spring summer shows.

Long before the arrival of spring, fashion designers presented to the public the trends that are relevant in the new year. The fashion of the seasons spring-summer 2021 turned out to be unpredictable and surprised even capricious ladies with trends. In the spring, the “gray mouse” image will be out of fashion.

Photos from the catwalks show vivid images that emphasize the individuality of the young ladies. Therefore, the spring-summer season promises to be full of new looks and will definitely not be boring.

fashion trends spring summer 2021 in red

fashion trends spring summer 2021 with short jeans jacket

fashion trends summer 2021 in powdery colors

fashion trends summer 2021 in brown

fashion trends spring 2021 black bottom white top

fashion trends spring 2021 with skinny pants shirts and blouses

fashion trends spring 2021 denim suit jeans and transparent raincoat

fashion trends spring 2021 yellow trousers matching blouse

Fashion Trends Summer 2021 Yellow Short Sleeve Dresses

fashion trends summer 2021 beige short pants open shoulder blouse orange flared pants under the blouse white open shoulder blouse with flounces

Spring Summer 2021 Fashion Trends: Top Destinations

Fashion is changeable and changes its direction quite often. Couturiers never cease to amaze even the most demanding fashionistas with new trends, giving out seasonal collections several times a year for the public to see. Some fashionable “chips” smoothly migrated to 2021 from previous seasons.

fashion trends spring summer 2021 in flowers coat sleeveless dress

fashion trends spring summer 2021 light sleeveless dresses

fashion trends spring summer 2021 in pajama style

fashion trends spring summer 2021 red skirt sun under the jacket dark

fashion trends spring summer 2021 pajama style pale pink style

Several trends can be called “Breakthrough of the Year”:

  • classic trench coat with original details;
  • thick denim clothing;
  • feather trim;
  • plastic material.

fashion trends with transparent inserts

fashion trends in white

fashion trends in print with butterflies

fashion trends with transparent inserts

fashion trends dresses with feathers

Fashion trends for women’s shoes spring summer 2021: photos

Shoe preferences of the fair sex may vary. Some people like comfortable moccasins on low speed, others feel comfortable all year round only in ugg boots. All these beliefs are dispelled when the first rays of spring and a new collection of shoes appear on the street in boutique windows.

In the spring and summer of 2021, shoes of any kind are in fashion. Designers took in new seasons everything that was invented in previous years, breathing new life into the models.

fashion shoes with sequins

fashionable platform sandals with clasps

green pumps

gold tractor-sole sandals

black patent leather tractor-soled shoes

The main features of fashionable footwear are:

  • multiple straps;
  • variations of mules;
  • transparent heels;
  • mega high platform combined with a stable heel;
  • cowboy boots;
  • shiny materials, sparkling sequins, rhinestones, stones.

gold glitter sneakers

sandals with a lot of fasteners yellow black

bright high-heeled shoes

sandals brown yellow orange with fasteners

ballerinas made of fur moccasins spotted

Spring summer 2021 dress trends: photos

It is difficult to imagine a collection of clothes without a demonstration of new models of dresses. Evening, casual, sports – they decorate not only the wardrobe, but also the surrounding environment.

light dress with flounces yellow openwork

flounced short dress

color dress short sleeve maxi in flowers

dresses gold

straight dresses black and white with short sleeves

The distinctive features for the 2021 women’s dress are:

Fashion trends for womens skirts for spring and summer 2021

The skirt is an incredibly feminine wardrobe item that has not yet become widespread in men’s bows. Wearing a skirt, you can emphasize the graceful curves of the body and hide some figure errors.

transparent midi skirt

skirt sun bright in flowers

pencil skirts beige peach green

For 2021, fashion gurus have chosen several elegant styles that must be in the arsenal of true fashionistas:

Spring summer clothing collection trends

An abundance of non-standards, a combination of incompatible, violation of all rules and boundaries – this is what the eminent couturiers showed at their shows. If earlier such outfits could only be afforded by shocking personalities from a bohemian get-together, now originality has begun to penetrate the masses.

feather dresses

dress leather red off shoulder leather dress open shoulder

plastic dress black and white

biker jacket sun under a pencil skirt

dresses in linen style black black and white red color gray

Here are some original ideas spied on the catwalks:

  • plastic dresses, raincoats and leather jackets;
  • outfits made of translucent materials in the style of underwear from the times of Louis XIV;
  • multi-layered raincoats with a complex cut.

gray dress in linen style

dress in linen style on a t-shirt

biker jacket under the check chiffon transparent white skirt

original cloak asymmetry

poncho bright under the belt

Fashion trends for bows spring summer 2021

A chiffonier full of clothes that have come down from fashion catwalks and boutiques is not yet an indicator of taste and style. The trends of recent seasons suggest choosing a ready-made bow that will declare to others that the girl is in trend.

pantsuit white

fashionable bow in pink shade

fashionable images in white

delicate image pleated skirt top in lingerie style

pale pink dress pink pantsuit crimson suit

Several ensembles stand out among the exciting spring-summer looks:

Fashion trends of colors for spring and summer 2021

Every year the experts of the Panton Color Institute make a forecast regarding the favorite colors. The New Year has become special for the reason that the top is not a dozen shades, but a whole dozen:

  1. Lime Punch. This mysterious name hides a shade that is rich and piercing. The combination of yellow and green has notes of the “acidity” effect;
  2. “Lark”. The yellow breast of the bird inspired designers to create clothes in a positive color;
  3. “Cherry tomatoes”. An incredibly vibrant and dynamic color that is impossible to take your eyes off. It is not pure red, but with the addition of orange;
  4. Chili oil. Despite the fieryness of the pepper, the color is not as impulsive as pure red due to the brown undertone;
  5. “Emperador”. One of the most beloved and “delicious” shades associated with chocolate;
  6. “Spring Crocus”. The shade from the violet range combines tenderness and expressiveness;
  7. “Ultraviolet”. Alluring with its mysticism and depth, the tone from the violet palette gives a luxurious look to any clothes;
  8. “Pink lavender”. A gentle and romantic shade mentally takes you to the lavender fields in Provence. Beautiful and unassuming color;
  9. Little Blue Boy. Let no one be confused by such an unusual name for the shade. You want to look at this pacifying blue tone for hours;
  10. “Blooming Dahlia”. The color from the pink palette is more associated with a ripe peach with a minimum of orange undertone than with the flower itself;
  11. Almost purple. The lilac color in this shade is almost imperceptible, it is so bleached and diluted;
  12. “Arcadia”. The shade from the green palette has a certain amount of blue undertones. The color is rich and has cool notes.

lime bow skirt and blouse dress short

yellow bow dress with slit dress with fringe fringe

dress cherry

red suit trouser color chile

chocolate dress a-line

purple dresses asymmetry

pink dress sleeve short

purple pencil skirt

green dress light skirt green maxi

Fashion trends spring summer 2021 in women’s clothing

Fashion shows of seasonal collections bring many novelties to the women’s wardrobe. True, not all creations of fashion masters manage to win the favor of the prevailing number of female audiences.

A special place in the collections is occupied by the brightest and most extraordinary things that become significant for each season.

urban style breeches under a t-shirt jacket with a high waist skirt-shorts biker jacket

skinny jeans over coat gray

orange under a jumper skirt-sun crimson sweater purple

yellow pants under a white T-shirt with inscriptions

In the spring and summer of 2021, the three trend models will look like this:

  1. Oversize. Bulky clothing, which came several seasons ago, is not losing ground. In fashion, models are either a dress or a stretched sweater a couple of sizes larger than required. denim oversized dress
  2. Dress shirt. The elongated model of the shirt with a vertical stripe was most often found at the shows.pink shirt dress with belt dress shirt dove 3/4 sleeve maxi green sleeveless midi
  3. Tights, knee-highs and stockings. Complementing the image with bright monochromatic tights or high-density stockings, it is unlikely that it will work to go unnoticed.black tights with thick ribbons white knee-highs with polka dotsleg warmers in print striped black and white fishnet black

Fashion trends for bags of spring and summer

The most fashionable bow without a stylish and fashionable handbag will look unfinished. That is why the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, looking through new collections of clothes, closely examine the accessories in the hands of the models defiling the catwalk.

bag bright purple

bag round reptile skin soft beige reptile

pale pink backpack

tote bag green neon raspberry neon short handles

The spring-summer collection of handbags will delight even the most spoiled fashionista. A variety of colors, amazing prints, extraordinary materials, bizarre shapes, original details – all these are the features of a women’s bag from the spring-summer 2021 sample.

The main favorites of the season were:

  1. “Baul”. A large volume bag will delight girls who prefer to carry many different items with them. In a trend, both bag-like models, similar to shopping bags, and those with contoured shapes.bag-bag light bucket bag brown
  2. Waist bag. The model, which for a long time was considered purely sporty, began to conquer new fashionable spaces. The elegant design and feminine details allow you to complement the bag-belt even romantic looks with floor-length dresses with a deep neckline.belt bags black white red belt bag white
  3. Handbag. There were plenty of styles of handbags designed to be carried in hand in the collections of fashion designers. A distinctive version of the clutch with a wide hand buckle on one side is the most striking model in this series.festive black clutchclutch red reptile
  4. Models with chains. An elegant thin chain will be considered anti-trend in the new season. Huge links made of metal and plastic of all shades are in fashion.black bag with chain black quilted bag with chain


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